The British Expeditionary Force – Chapter One: A Long Way From Home.

 Well this is bloody marvellous.  Pure and simple.  The first instalment in a trilogy of albums from this band, this is a little gem which for me sparkles from start to finish.  My mate Fraser from Small Town Boredom (a man who may know more about music than Bart and whose debut album Autumn Might Have Hope should be explored by everyone) introduced me to this band when I was looking for something new and refreshing.  He told me to check out Grand Archives and The British Expeditionary Force.  I am pleased to say I like both, though Grand Archives caught the imagination of others I know more.  Me – I was sucked in by TBEF from the word go.  The build of noise on opener “back of the hand” is quite exquisite and left me wanting more. I’m glad to say the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint.  The songs feel scattered and lost yet somehow all tie together beautifully.  It’s a mix of sparse little refrains and full on in your face beats and it just doesn’t let up.  It’s simply captivating and to be honest this album has fuelled my own song writing more times than any I can think of in recent times.  I love when an album does that to me.  When it makes me want and have to sit at my piano and just play.  This album never fails, which in my world makes it a great listen every time.  Listening to it at work at the moment pisses me off cause I can’t play my piano here!  Still, this is a brilliant start to the trilogy of albums and I for one cannot wait for more from this band.

Unfortunately, due to a virus on my computer, I cannot add MP3 for this.  But you must check this band out.  Simply brilliant.  

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