Trampoline, Sunday 21st September – GLISSANDO

Like I said in my previous post, I was full of hope and excitment about this gig and had worked hard to promote the show and get people along.  So, for the turn out to be so poor and for me to be able to count the number of people I knew on one hand was a real disappointment.  Normally when we get poor turnouts I struggle to enjoy the show.  However, fortunately on this occasion I was able to sit back and revel in the music that was on show.
First up was Debutant.  I’ve known Phil for a while now through his main band Kartta and so was really pleased that he was finally able to make it down from Aberdeen to do a show.  His solo stuff is so differrent from Kartta as well which is really nice.  A solo performer with only an electric guitar and a multitude of pedals to play with he manages to create lovely soundscapes which are layered and layered, his soft vocal over the top the icing on a beautiful cake.  It reminded me in many ways of Eluvium and I really enjoyed his short set.  The highlight for me was a new song which he named “old bogie” for the evening in homeage to Humphrey Bogart.  A stunningly beautiful end to his set which set the night up nicely.

Next up were The French Quarter.  The Kays had had the pleasure of being invited to support these guys the week before at their EP launch in Glasgow.  This would be the second time in a week I saw them live and I enjoyed both sets.  The band are a little hard to describe.  A mix of Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai perhaps with some Joy Division like vocals thrown in.  Hard to pin down yet wearing their influences firmly on their sleeves.  Having bought their EP the previous week I think I enjoyed the set more this time.  There’s a real beauty to their music and though I thought in Glasgow that Frank’s vocal sometimes got lost in the mix – he has a deep voice – the sound in the Wee Red was spot on as usual (thanks to Alex) so everything worked really well.  A really good set with the highlight for me being their last song – the name escapes me – but it’s most excellent.

And so to Glissando.  Well, I’d put Rich and Elly on previously as a 2 piece and they played a lovely set.  This time they had brought back up in the form of bass and violin and I have to say this was probably my favourite performance at a Trampoline show.  They were stunning.  Given the lack of instruments on show, the rich, big soundscapes they created were fantastic.  I just sat in awe at the beauty of it all.  If I have on criticism of the album “with our arms wide open we march towards the burning sea” it’s that sometimes there is too much space on the album.  noise moments which last a little too long for my liking.  Live however, the spaces, the moments of noise and atmosphere are perfect and when the music kicks back in the effect is stunning.  Elly’s wonderful voice is used as a 5th instrument to great effect and they leave the Wee Red Bar covered in goose pimples.  I for one cannot wait to see them live again.  Not only are they lovely people but they create beautiful, dark music and on Sunday gave a performance I won’t forget for a long time.  lovely stuff. Just a shame more people couldn’t be there to witness their brilliance.