Well I thought I’d post this because yesterday I bought the new album by Drever, McCusker and Woomble.  Though having not had an opportunity to listen to this in full as yet, I am full of hope that it will be a follow on to Roddy Woomble’s excellent debut solo album “My Secret Is My Silence”.  But it really got me thinking.  I first got into Idlewild because of my wife.  I travelled regularly between Dundee and Arbroath to see her and she gave me a copy of 100 Broken Windows on tape to listen to in the car on my journeys.  It became an instant favourite of mine and still is one of the albums I can get excited about on a regular basis.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I love Idlewild, I did then, and I do now.  I’m also not ashamed to admit that the albums that have followed 100 Broken Windows have never really disappointed me.  I know a lot of Idlewild fans I know were left disappointed by the following albums in so much as they didn’t have the edge, aggression, noise etc that 100 Broken Windows had.  That a softer, more polished sound was formed and that just wasn’t Idlewild.  I have always found that ridiculous and I still do.  I actually commend the band for the changes in direction, in sound and in approach that they have adopted on the following albums as it would have been all too easy just to churn out another 100 Broken Windows, which for me would have diminished the brilliance of this album.  And I also feel that the change in direction of the band was a good thing in many ways as it allowed Roddy Woomble to explore a more folky side and create what was one of my favourite albums of 2007 (I think it was 2007 anyways!).  And anyways, Make A New World was a great last album and harked back to the heavy days of old which again, was a nice change in direction.  They never bore me, they always keep the music evolving and fresh and just because it’s not what got people excited in the first place, doesn’t mean it’s not good.  Roddy Woomble created Ballad of the Books which involves some of Scotland’s finest authors and musicians, he produced a stunning debut album and I’m sure with his new work will have produced something different, something fresh for him and something which I hope to really get into over the weekend.  I personally think he’s one of the most important Scottish musicians for a long time and would be willing to argue this point with anyone over a pint or two at anytime.

Those are just my thoughts.   For now.


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