The Kays Lavelle

So along with Trampoline, the other major project I have is The Kays Lavelle.  Things are a little frustrating at the moment as the recording of the album is failing to get off the ground and some excellent gigs we had lined up have been cancelled.  It’s all a bit flat at the moment.  I am really disappointed as I’ve been working hard to get everything ready and now I am in the position to get the ball rolling.  Being dependant on others is a very difficult thing to deal with.  People are busy, have other priorities and that’s completely understandable and fine with me.  But I am chomping at the bit to get started on this album and am excited by it all.  So it leaves me feeling a bit flat when things aren’t moving the way I’d like them to be.   Graeme and I have been working hard at organising everything though and as ever there are loads of exciting little things going on.  As well as the album, their is the prospect of doing a short film with Mattyy “MJ” Ross again, which we hope would be a bonus dvd with the album.  Currently talking through ideas with the man.  Would be a nice follow up to ‘There and Back Again’ for sure.  Also in the pipeline is the release of “A Scottish Winter Tale of Love” a song we wrote specifically for our friends in San Francisco, Parks and Records.  They are a lovely little record label and whilst the release of this may be delayed til next year, I have not given up hope that they might be able to release it as a rare 7″ vinyl along with another song I’ve recently finished.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Also got a few other projects on the go which are quite exciting.  Now it’s just about getting them started.  Life just seems to take over from time to time but it’s time to get the finger out because I feel like The Kays keep building up momentum then losing it and we get left behind.  It’s frustrating for sure.  But I can see positive things happening soon.