Why I love the music of Ludovico Einaudi

Classical music has never been my favourite style of music.  I don’t know why this is.  My mum was saying the other day that she used to play classical music a lot when she was pregnant with my brother and he absolutely loves classical music.  Apparently she was more about nursery rhymes and poems when she was waiting for me to arrive so maybe that’s on of the reasons that I never really got into classical music.  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that when I was growing up and learning piano, I never wanted to play classical music.  I always had to but I never wanted to.  As my musical tastes changed and developed I also started to waver from the piano learning bass guitar and taking up the guitar for a second time.  But slowly I was sucked back towards the piano.  I mean, I used to be really good and was quite advanced in terms of exams and theory but I gave it up at an age when it’s easy to forget all the complex things.  But this is my point.  I don’t like the complex things of a piano.  I like when the piano is simplistic.  When it’s minimal but still captivates.  Ludovico Einaudi is a classical musician from Turin in Italy.  So it was with great surprise that one day I stumbled upon him on Classic FM tv.  It was a piece called “Le Onde” and since that moment I have been hooked.  He is a classical musician for sure but he crossed genres and mixes elements from other musical styles into his music.  When I saw him live at the Usher Hall he had a string quartet and also a man on laptops.  It was amazing.  He creates soundscapes over which he produces some of the most beautiful piano pieces I have heard.  The pieces he creates are undeniably classical but are so minimal.  There’s nothing over complex with these pieces and I’m pretty sure a competent piano player could probably learn them in no time.  I am pretty sure my brother can play most of his stuff.  I on the other hand am too lazy to learn other peoples stuff!!  However, one thing is for certain,  since I started listening to Einaudi his influence in my own music is clear.  I love the way his piano pieces are put together, how the simplicity is what is so wonderful about the tunes.  How the melodies work, how the different parts meld together.  I think his music is also very cinematic in style – something that has been levelled at the kays – so I have a connection there with how he creates soundscapes and atmosphere.  If you have never heard his music I would encourage you to buy an album entitled “Una Mattina”, run yourself a bath and stick the album on as you soak your weary bones.  It’s one of the most relaxing things possible.  I might even do that tonight.  It’s been a shit day so far!