7VWWVW, Super8Super8 @ Trampoline, October 18th 2008

Not one review of this show!  Despite being one of the best attended Trampoline nights, despite being one of the most enjoyable Trampoline nights, despite being one of the most interesting Trampoline nights, I cannot find one review of this show.  Normally I would be disappointed and if I were Mammal or Super8Super8 I think I might be a little disappointed as well.  This was a superb night.  I am so chuffed that it worked and more so that the Trampoline came together for once and brought others together in a way I’d always hoped it would.  Film makers making new contacts, bloggers finding somebody to help them fix a video camera issue and lots of people just loving the music.  One of my friends said the night was like a “great dinner or really satsifying shag”. I think that about sums it up nicely.  But I think I should probably expand on that a little!  Basically, way back near the start of the year, I asked Mammal to play Trampoline and said that what I really wanted to do was have them work with film makers to creat music to a film, or something along these lines.  We basically left it in their hands to do what they wanted and it was well worth the wait.  Super8Super8 are film makers who specialise in working with Super8 cameras.  You can find out more about what they do and are all about at: http://www.super8super8.com  Basically, Mammal commissioned these guys to make films based on their music.  Experiments in music and film if you like.  The idea of putting music to a fim has always fascinated me.  I hope that through Matty and his film friends I will continue to get to work on soundtracks for their work.  It’s always a challenge.  So for Mammal to flip this and make the film makers interpret their music was even more interesting!  What I loved most about the night was that the film makers were in the middle of the room working their projectors and reacting to the music as the night progressed and the music changed patterns, speed, shapes.  It was something real, something tangible, something that everyone in the room could see as it happened.  So there were really 2 performances that evening and I think that’s something I’ve been striving for at Trampoline.  Collaboration between artists and musicians, film makers and musicians, dancers and musicians.  For the first time, this really felt like the people involved poured their heart and soul into the night and that made it special for me.  Mammal – were absolutely brilliant and watching them is incredible as there is so much going on.  It was actually hard to know where to look during the night because of everything that was happening but I think the music and films came together brilliantly and the night was a real success.  Obviously the lack of interest in the night from anyone in the media is a shame as I don’t think there’s been anything like it for a while.  But to be honest, I feel satisfied in what we achieved on Saturday and hopefully if it draws more and more people to the nights then it will prove a real success.  I guess the plan now is to try and do nights like this one more often. Not monthly, but every 3 months or something would be great.  Although I’ll be taking a backseat from Trampoline, I am excited that the nights canmove forward and hopefully attract more and more attention.  All good.


7 thoughts on “7VWWVW, Super8Super8 @ Trampoline, October 18th 2008

  1. Hi, Steve here from Super8Super8.

    Just wanted to say thanks for Saturday. Everything was really relaxed and easygoing. It was good fun and i’m glad you felt like it was a success, despite the lack of media-folk! Virtually everyone who attended made some sort of positive comment and thats the main thing I suppose?

    This was our first Tramploine event, and its a shame to read that it’s going to be winding down. Working with bands and doing live film performances are great fun, and this was no exception, it’s just a shame there might not be more opportunities to do it again with you.

    At the very least, we’ll have a video of the event available soon – it’d be good sit down with you and the Mammals and have a look back at the night, we’ll let you know when its ready….!

    Thanks again for a great evening,


  2. Hi Steve. Thanks for the comment and getting in touch. Firstly, I just think it’s a shame that despite trying to get the media along it never happened. It was a fascinating night of music and art and think it would have been good to get exposure for you, mammal and trampoline. However, you are right. Everyone there seemed to really get something from it and that is the most important thing.

    As for Trampoline winding down. Well not really. That was the plan, but I have been convinced by a friend that I can keep it going so talks are ongoing. I’d love to work with you guys again for sure. Both with Trampoline and my band The Kays Lavelle. Look forward to sitting down and watching the video with you guys.

    Thanks to you and Mammal for making it a great evening.

  3. Hi Euan,

    I had a great time and am so glad that everyone else enjoyed it too. It felt really special and I can’t wait to do more stuff soon.
    Can’t wait for ‘the screening’!

    Thanks again and again.


  4. I was there and found the evening very inspirational. I’m in a middle of a couple of collaborations (we sink ships being the main one) and it was very encouraging to see 7vwwvw and super8super8’s project being such a success. Hearing the music and seeing the images was quite emotional and overwhelming experience for me and I enjoyed it tremendously. I would definitely like to experience more events like this one in the future. I made the journey from Glasgow and it was well worth it. It could be an idea to promote these special trampoline shows more widely as there aren’t that many opportunities to see people working together. As much as I love straight forward live music shows, I am very keen to see other things incorporated into it, other elements supporting the sounds and most of all I would just love to see people performing with a bit of passion and excitement.

    Looking forward to seeing how these trampoline events will develop in the future.

    Heidi x

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