The Things We Love

This weekend so far has inovled me sitting in my flat listening to the rain batter against the rooflights in the living room.  I love the sound of the rain.  I also love knowing that I am tucked up in this cosy flat and the rain can try and get me, it can even start to leak through the windows, it can do whatever it likes but it won’t get through to me!  Well not yet.  I’ll be leaving soon to go for a dinner with family and friends, so I accept that I will get slightly wet then, but I will eat and drink in the knowledge that I will be back in the warmth of the flat later and have no reason to leave again until I have to go to work on Monday morning!  It’s been a lovely week and today has been so nice as I’ve done the square route of fuck all!  Woke up late for me, got up even later, showered, pottered, watched Sunderland beat Newcastle (so pleased – one Roy Keane!), played some Tiger Woods golf, listened to loads of music and just really chilled out and relaxed.  I have been swimming this week.  I love swimming.  When I was young I used to get called a baby seal because I spent so much time under the water rather than practicing all the different strokes!  It’s funny how some things never change!  I went to see Mogwai on Tuesday, started the Kays Lavelle album on Thursday and then on Friday went all the way to Anstruther to sit by the sea and eat chips.  It was weird as well, I mean, everyone knows that the Fence Collective are located in the East Neuk and Anstruther in particular but you don’t really expect them to be the first folk you see on arrival in the town!  But as I parked and walked to the chip shop there were King Creosote and Pictish Trail standing chatting by the sea.  It was bizarre.  Kind of like coming to Leith and seeing Irvine Welsh before anyone else!  It was so bizarre.  Anyways, the chips were delicious even if the weather was absolutely crazy.  It’s been a lovely week, doing all the things that I love doing and things I miss doing.  Need to pencil in more of those things for the rest of the year.