Damien Jurado – why is he not better known?

I’ve just ordered Damien Jurado’s new album ‘Caught In The Trees’ and bought 2 tickets to go and see the man live at Stereo in Glasgow on 5th November. Bart from eagleowl is the other lucky owner of a ticket.  He’s also one of the few other people I know who have a love for Damien Jurado.  When I booked the tickets online it told me that I was buying tickets 4 and 5!  Now I don’t know how the ticket system works, what with shops and online services etc but it saddens me to think that this could be a sparsely attended gig because Mr Jurado is one of the finest musicians that I have in my music collection.

I think I initially read an article about him in the Sunday Times and from that moment on I’ve been hooked.  Actually, my own song ‘the lights and the sirens’ got its title from a lyric in his song ‘I Had No Intentions’ from the album ‘And Now That I’m In Your Shadow’, which is a stunningly beautiful and dark album.  My song is sort of about living on Leith Walk.  My piano sat in the spare room over looking the street and the name “the lights and the sirens” just fitted so perfectly as I used to sit and write and look out onto the dark night sky as the fire engines and ambulances, but more commonly police cars, zoomed by.  Those lyrics stick in my head so clearly, and I think that’s what I love about him, I always remember his words as if they were my own.  They echo in my head even after just one listen to a song.  I can’t think of another song writer who can produce such minimal tunes and yet retain my full attention for endless lengths of time.  Just the other day at work I listened to all the albums of his I have on my ipod from start to finish and the time past so quickly!  But in a really positive way.  The music, his words, his voice just all come together to produce some of my favourite songs and songs I could play on repeat over and over.  I cannot wait for his new album to arrive and I am even more excited to be getting to see him live in just over a week’s time.  I even held off buying a ticket for Sigur Ros, who play Glasgow the same night, so I could get a ticket for this show.  That’s how much I want to see him.  It’s rare for him to be here in Scotland and I intend to enjoy every single breath he takes.  If you don’t know him, please check him out – it’s well worth it.


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