Bored, bored, bored….

Is anyone else bored yet of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross debacle?  How is it possible for the media to spin something like this into a world crisis in which the Prime Minister has become embroiled?!  This is lunacy.  Don’t get me wrong, I think what they did was pretty low and quite frankly stupid.  However, as far as I can make out from the 24 hour a day coverage it has been getting, both Mr Ross and Mr Brand have apologised for their behaviour, Mr Brand has resigned from his position at the BBC and both of them are no doubt going to get a good telling off.  Surely that must be the end of it??  I am so bored opeing the paper to another story about how upsetting a situation it has been for those involved.  Yes, it was poor taste.  Yes, it was upsetting for those involved.  Yes, they deserve to get into trouble.  No I don’t want to read or hear about it anymore.  End of.  I can think of an endless list of things that are more news worthy and worthy of the Prime Ministers attention than this fiasco.  Lets put it to bed (so to speak) and move on.

Tonight I am going to limbo to see the rather delightful Cancel The Astronauts.  We asked them to play one of our very first Trampoline nights and have become good friends since then so I think I shall go along and lend my support and then there is the small matter of the Broken Records single launch on Saturday night.  I think I will pop along to that, as much for the support acts as the headliners though as both eagleowl and sparrow and the workshop are fantastic.