Cancel the Astronauts – Limbo, the Voodoo Rooms, October 30, 2008

Ok, so firstly I want to say that I like Limbo nights.  I like Andy and Dave and I like what they do and how hard they work to make what they do a success.  I have seen some cracking bills at Limbo and some cracking bands too.  I’m always impressed by the fac their night is a weekly night and that they never seem to use the same bands over and over again.  However, this is also, in my opinion, where things sometimes become disappointing because I have been to a few limbo nights lately which have been a massive let down.  I don’t want to name bands or slag off other bands but I guess my point is that when you run a weekly music night like this it’s so very difficult to consistently put on good shows.  I run Trampoline once a month because I don’t think I could put on a good show every week.  Nor would I put on bands I did not think were good enough or to my taste.  I guess in a way that’s why I admire what Andy and Dave do.  There doesn’t seem to be any music snobbery going on, they are just helping lots of bands get an opportunity to play in one of Edinburgh’s better venues.  The Voodoo Rooms is a bit swanky but it’s also got a great sound system and is fantastic place to play.  Anyways, last night’s show was one I’d been looking forward to as it’s been a while since I had seen my good friends Cancel the Astronauts.  The band on before them were called Babygod and seem to be a coming together of Glasgow session musicians.  Some of their tunes were excellent, some were not but I did enjoy their set.  Cancel the Astronauts though were on fine form.  They sound tighter than ever and have so much energy on stage that it’s hard not to have a smile on your face during the performance.   They played a lot of songs I’d not heard before and I have to admit that they are really developing into a great band.  The songs are stronger and the performance is more assured.  It helps when you have a really good front man.  The Kays are still trying to find one! – but CTA have no worries there and the rest of the band are tight, excellent musicians – and dancers! If I’m being perfectly honest, the style of music that CTA play would not be my preferred choice any day of the week but ever since I first saw them and heard tongue in cheek songs such as “I am the president of your fanclub and last night i followed you home” I’ve been hooked with their infectious, catchy pop numbers.  If ever there was a band crying out to radio stations to be heard then it’s these guys.  I hope they get where they want to go.  They are a great bunch of lads and severely under-rated.


4 thoughts on “Cancel the Astronauts – Limbo, the Voodoo Rooms, October 30, 2008

  1. Another fine post on a fine blog. I too was at the Cancel the Astronauts gig at Limbo, and I have to say I thought they were very drunk indeed. A phenomenal gig by possibly the best band in the world.

    Babygod were excellent Euan- you don’t give them enough credit! I think perhaps you missed the start of their set, when they played theie new single Time. It’s a fantastic song, great melodies, perfect harmonies and very expansive sounding for a four piece. It was very Talking Headsy, which isn’t an original comparison by me having now done some webstalking on them. Their closer Throw It In the Fire is also excellent. I will be buying their stuff and making you like it!

  2. Mmmm. I’m not sure I would use the word “excellent” to describe Babygod. I would say that they had some cracking tunes but did not completely grab my attention from the word go and I did tend to drift during their set. Great musicians though, brilliant drummer as well. I’m sure he plays for Colin Macintyre and the Poems as well, though I might be mistaken. Anyways, you can pester me with copies of their stuff anytime mate. More than willing to give them a listen on record.

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