Olafur Arnalds

I’m sitting here on this cold cold cold friday night, on my sofa, with a large glass of red wine and I’m listening to the best cd I have bought in a long long long long time.  Olafur Arnalds ‘Eulogy For Evloution’ is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, moving pieces of music I have heard.  There is nothing I can really say except that this is a brilliant album of classical/electronic music, though predominantly classical.  It’s better than anything I’ve heard this year and it will take something special to beat it during the rest of the year.  This is a stunning piece of music from a young Icelandic composer with a bright future.  It reminds me in so many ways of Einaudi.  The simplicity of the piano is stunning but there are more strings, more noise, more atmosphere to these tunes.  It’s gorgeous.  Pure and simple.  I think this will be on repeaton my stereo for a long time to come.  And I have more Icelandic music to look forward to in the next few dats in the shape of Seabear who I discovered listening to my friend Heidi’s mix on her Wesinkships blog.  How can Iceland be so small and yet produce so many wonderful bands.  Mum and Amiina being two other favourites of mine.  It’s so inspiring.  I want to go and play my piano now but fear I wil be stuck in my sofa listening to this over and over and over.  Spellbinding.  That’s what this is!


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