Finn – The Best Low Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own

The title of this album alone should tell you what I think of this album.  It does exactly what it says on the tin and is exactly the kind of album I’ve been looking for of late.  This is an absolutely stunning album of beautiful, delicate songs.  From the opener ‘Half-Moon Stunned’, Finn takes us on a journey that is, at times, so fragile that I fear his voice is not going to make it through each song.  The lovely atmospheric instrumentation used on songs such as ‘Boy-Cott’, and on the instrumental fills between each full song, add so much to the album.  However, it is at his most delicate where this musician excells.  ‘Dew’ is simply exquisite with his voice straying to paths not dissimilar to that of Sigur Ros.  This is the best lo-fi album I have bought since Elliott Smith released Either/Or.  Of course, there is often more instrumentation on this album than on Either/Or but the voice and the songs are in the same vain and leave me with the same satsified feeling.  There’s tragedy in this voice.  A sense of being lost in such a big world.  All the things that made Elliott Smith special for me are in evidence here and that excites me.  I can’t imagine this coming off my stereo anytime soon.  Another great find by Erased Tapes.


5 thoughts on “Finn – The Best Low Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own

  1. i saw finn when he supported olafur arnalds in glasgow. it was delicate, beautiful and totally captivating. i don’t have the album but neil (other half of wss) said that it is quite different to his live performance and i’m now worried to hear the album as don’t want to loose the memory of the gig. he said that occassionally his voice gets lost on the album, when on the gig it was the focal point and the fact that made it so special.
    my ‘we sink ships’ playlist for november has ‘dew’ on it.

  2. i’m not sure i totally agree about the vocal getting lost. having not seen him live i guess i have no frame of reference to compare live with recording. but my feeling so far is that this is one of my favourite records of the year after only a few days of listening. the album is mostly delicate and the vocal is prominent. i love when he sings high but sings the same vocal line lower, just underneath the lead vocal. stunning. but i do agree there are moments where the beauty fades and trumpets and strings clatter in. I hear a lot of Sigur Ros in his voice and his ideas. but i love it. i hope your experience at stereo doesn’t put you off buying the album. it is beautiful.

  3. I think one the songs sounds like Radiohead meets Broken Records. But you know that. And I haven’t come up with anything more philosophical since I said that.. ho hum! At least I managed to put a sentence together!! xx

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