Why So Surprised?

Last week I went with some friends from work to see another colleague of ours perform as part of Leith Theatre in their version of Tunes of Glory – apparently it was originally a film starring Sir Alex Guinness.  Anyways, we went along and if I’m being honest I don’t think we were expecting much.  How wrong we were.  We had a great time and the play was well executed by the various amateurs actors.  I really enjoyed the story and thought the acting was of a very high standard.  It kind of reminds me of whenever I say I’m in a band.  People talk to you about it but assume that if you’re not known then you’re probably not very good.  The number of times people have come up to me after a show and said “wow, you were great” or “you were actually very good”……it makes me laugh.  I should have been more expectant rather than dismissive of Duncan’s play.  Why did I immediately assume it would not be good?  It’s weird.   But I should know better.  And I will in the future.


2 thoughts on “Why So Surprised?

  1. people often assume that ‘professional’ is somehow better. is that because it usually means that more money has been spent on resources and time? fancier costumes in a play, big names taking part, bigger advertising campaigns. what about passion and dedication – the most important things that are needed for creating something new was it music, drama, images? i feel that things with ‘professional’ label can sometimes lack this. it has all become too sterile, everything is perfect, all imperfections and the chance for that special connection with other people have been lost. i used to go to see a lot of amateur plays while still in finland. they never struck me as something half arsed or people just having a laugh. sure, i *knew* the people were having amazing time (i used to do it myself), but they were serious about wanting it to be something special. not sure where i’m going with this now and it is starting to be like its own wee blog, but… there should be more appreciation towards the people who are somewhere in the middleground; the not so successful/professional but still nevertheless equally or even more talented, the ones who do it because they love it, not because they get paid for it.

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