From The Fields And Seas

I’ve always lived by the water.  It’s strange how this affects you.  Broughty Ferry is a lovely fishing village just outside of Dundee.  It was a magic place to grow up.  Being part of the big city meant you weren’t too far from the busy night life as a young adult, but as a kid, Broughty Ferry was just about perfect.  I love the sea.  It fascinates me and scares me at the same time.  I remember going to Campbelltown on holiday when I was young and spending a lot of time at the beach.  We then stopped going there and started going to Islay, which meant we had to take a 2 hour ferry journey.  I loved the boat ride.  I loved the water.  I even loved rough crossings, just a total buzz.   But it kind of feels like it’s in my blood.  When we moved to the Shore from Leith Walk I felt more settle.  There was the water again, every morning when I woke, bringing a sense of calm.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing about the sea on a still, calm morning.  I recently sat on Portobello beach wall at 8am on a Saturday morning and just existed.  Completely detached from the world around me.  It was almost perfect.  It also gave me the title for the Kays album.  It feels right.  I don’t think I ever want to live too far from the water.  It just wouldn’t feel right to me.


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