The Wintergreens and White Heath, Trampoline, 22nd November 2008

So I don’t get it.  A number of people have commented to me about how they don’t like the music of White Heath.  And I don’t get it.  And here’s why – if you like Broken Records and don’t like White Heath then you are either not listening to White Heath or you’re just being a snob about what you listen to.  I have no beef if you openly say you don’t like Broken Records and don’t like White Heath but I cannot possibly understand how you can like one and not the other.  And that’s not to say White Heath sound exactly like Broken Records, because they don’t, but if I were bracketing bands in Edinburgh together I would place White Heath firmly in the Broken Records box.  It’s kind of like saying that you love Mogwai but don’t like Explosions in the Sky.  The ideas are similar, but the tunes are very different.  And you know what, I’ve seen Broken Records live a lot and I actually enjoyed White Heath more at times last night than I have ever enjoyed Broken Records.  I don’t know exactly how young these guys are but the energy and passion in their delivery of their set last night was fantastic to watch.  The musicianship on offer was great, their piano player as good as any piano player I’ve seen, the songs are well structured and interesting and they have to be the nicest bunch of lads to have played a Trampoline show in such a long time.  Really genuine, really friendly, and really upset about things that other Edinburgh musicians have said about them.  I’m not going to get involved in that, but I am going to say that as performances go, I would put theirs up there with the best of them.  I thought they were fantastic.  I will certainly be keeping an eye on their progress and would be happy to have them back at Trampoline anytime.  If I have one criticism it would be over use of the trombone.  But it’s just a small personal thing I guess.

The Wintergreens were also great.  I thought their dancers – I’m not sure what to call them though so if anyone can fill me in on the proper name for their style then I’d be delighted.  Anyways, not only were they beautiful, they added exactly what I have always wanted for Trampoline, an element of art and diversity.  The performance of the Wintergreens was enjoyable though I did feel a little distracted by the dancers at times.  Maybe it was because they were actually beautiful or maybe it was because at times they got in the way a little.  Having said that, the wintergreens are similar to my own band in the sense that they don’t really offer a lot to look at.  Visuals really add to the performance and I personally loved it.  They are an interesting band, clearly influenced by their Icelandic roots and I thought they delivered an excellent 40 minutes of music.  

I’m also delighted that the turn out was so good and hopefully the nights will attract those people ack.  I hope so.  I don’t want to discuss my own performance last night.  I was happy with it and a big thanks to Russell for playing viola for me.  I hope people enjoyed it.  But if I think too much about it then I will just get upset aout being let down.  So it’s best left alone.

Another good night for Trampoline I think.  Already looking forward to Withered Hand in December.


5 thoughts on “The Wintergreens and White Heath, Trampoline, 22nd November 2008

  1. I agree with the White Heath account, although we have discussed that i am not entirely convinced by the Broken Record comparisons, but i do like BR immensely and i really enjoyed White Heath so there may be some truth to it!!

    I will point out that i am good friends with 2 of the Wintergreen boys so this review may be laced with bias. But i have seen them before and whilst i loved what they were doing and what they were trying to achieve, i felt that live they lacked experience, and knowing Gunnar and his passion for music and the speed at which he seems to process a sound and an inspiration, i wondered if his thinking and experimenting worked faster than his band. On Saturday, however, they appeared to have progressed massively and i really really enjoyed their set. i always loved the style of music they played and on saturday it was delivered so well. The dancers were a little distracting and might have worked better in a different enviroment than the wee red, but yes, certainly different. I was really excited for them on Saturday and i hope to see them a little more active around the edinburgh venues.

  2. Oh, and the first guy, though short of a couple of band members delivered a quiet, stripped, yes, bleak performance. But absolutely beautiful for it. The ‘off the cuff’ viola was stunning.

  3. It’s not a comparison of White Heath to Broken Records. They don’t sound the same. I don’t think it’s fair to White Heath to say that. As you know, I meant that if I was putting on Broken Records I would consider White Heath a good support act and one that people into Broken Records would probably enjoy. With the odd exception of course.

  4. thank for this blog concerning white heath, euan.
    you have now inspired me to ignore the comments of some in edinburgh and to go and see white heath live.
    in such an incredible community of musicians there is no need for snobbery and bitchiness.

  5. thanks alison. i am glad the post made you decide to check white heath out and form your own opinion on the band. in my opinion they are well worth checking out. lets hope any nastyness that has gone on doesn’t have an adverse impact on the opportunties they get in this city.

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