Gimme Shelter – This Weekend

This is going to be great.  It always is.  It’s so much fun to be a part of and so much fun just to be there.  The Saturday line up in Edinburgh is great.  I’ve been helpeing Graeme flyer last week after the 2 shows I was at at Cab Vol and I am comfident that he’s going to get the best turn out he’s ever had in Edinburgh.  I think the Glasgow one will be busy as usual and hopefully if Graeme can get somebody along to the Frightened Rabbit King Tut’s show on the Saturday night, then a whole load of their fans will make their way along to Mono on the Sunday for their performance and stick around for others.  It’s actually a pretty perfect way to spend your weekend.  I am nervous about the Kays set – mainly because my backing band are not Kays members.  But it should be good.  Won’t be too dissimilar to the set I played at Trampoline on Saturday night.  But I am reall looking forward to just hanging out with friends, drinking beer and having a great laugh.  Raising awareness for an important charity, drinking beer and having a laugh I should say.  And it is an important charity and it is important that people come along and support the night because it will be great.  For £8 it’s a total steal.  So please come along and support Graeme and all the work he’s put into the night.  He deserves it.


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