Nick Cave

So the next few weeks are some of the busiest I’ve had in the last months.  I have been trying to cut back and doing fewer and fewer Kays shows, just focusing on the recording of the album and getting songs ready for this purpose.  Next week though sees me, graeme and grant head out on the road though for a 4 date jaunt with The French Quarter.  We’ll be playind Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh along with the lovely Kartta lads.  I am so excited about this but am so disappointed as well as it means I will miss the Song by Toad Christmas party at the Bowery which was something I was really looking forward to.  Nonetheless, the opportunity to get back out playing shows is welcome after such a long break and I fully intend to preview as much new mateial as possible.  First up is Gimme Shelter this Saturday night at the Caves where I will be joined on stage by Russell aka Team Turnip on viola, Bart from eagleowl on electric guitar and Derrick from the legendary Dead Beat Club (R.I.P) on mandolin.  It should be a lot of fun.  Then the following week come the 4 shows with The French Quarter.  The Wee Red Bar on Sunday 7th for any Edinburgh folk who would like to come along.  It should be a really enjoyable show.

But before all that, I have the lovely thought of going to see Nick Cave tomorrow night at the Corn Exchange (yes, that place again!!)  I cannot wait.  I must admit, I am very new to Nick Cave’s music.  It’s probably been a year since my boss Jenny introduced me to Abbatoir Blues but since first hearing that, I’ve never looked back.  I love his music.  I love his theatricallity which I am assured is even more impressive in a live setting than on record.  I love his words.  I love his voice.  In the same way that Tom Waits provided a show at the Playhouse earlier this year, I fully expect Nick Cave to deliver a similar performance tomorrow night.  And I am excited.  There is nothing better than a show to go along with the great music.  I am going with open ears because I don’t know enough of his stuff to expect or demand songs – or indeed create a set list wish list as I did for Tom Waits under the instruction of Mr Toad.  I’m just glad this show didn’t cost £95 though!  Great music inspires me to write great songs and better myself.  I hope that tomorrow night makes me want to be the best I can be at Gimme Shelter.  I already want that. But it may focus the mind because the cider I’ve requested as a rider may well make that mind a little fuzzy before i go on stage!  


4 thoughts on “Nick Cave

  1. Cannot wait for the Nick Cave gig tonight either and also hoping to make it to Gimme Shelter. Still kicking myself for not coughing up the cash and going to see Waits though!

  2. Milo. I won’t lie. Tom Waits was amazing. But it was an indulgence. If he came back I could not possibly go and pay that price to see him again. Last night was stunningly good. Nick Cave was amazing. Hope you enjoyed it.

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