Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

So I don’t really want to spend too long talking about this gig.  It was, quite frankly, astounding, inspiring, amazing and has left me so so glad that I decided to get a ticket for the show.  Nick Cave is the ultimate entertainer and the sound quality in the Corn Exchange was exceptional.  I hold my hands up and admit I didn’t know every single song that was played last night, but that really didn’t matter.  I will put that show firmly up there with the best ever gigs I’ve been too.  Absolutely stunning.

But something intrigued me last night.  There is a little story in the bible about when Jesus meets the devil.  Some of you will be familiar with it, some of you may not be, but it’s known as the Temptation of Christ.  Jesus basically spends 40 days and 40 nights fasting in the desert and being tempted to display his supernatural powers by the Devil.  Nick Cave is the devil, or last night it certainly felt like Nick Cave was the devil.  Warren Ellis was Jesus.  But in a weird way, a Jesus who has given in to temptation and when Cave goaded him or instructed him to perform something amazing on the guitar or violin he was more than happy to oblige.  I know it’s weird to be looking at 2 people on stage performing and comparing them to characters in a religious story, but if there is a devil then I firmly believe he will take the form of Nick Cave!  The man struts, points, gestures, unleashes rage and venom at every turn.  The stage backdrop for the show would have been perfect if it was set in the firey depths of hell.  At times Ellis performs as if Cave is not even there, as if the audience is not even there.  In his own world, soaked up in the music, doing the will of the devil and doing it fucking brilliantly.  I have to be honest, whilst brilliant musicians I didn’t even notice the rest of the Bad Seeds.  This show is about 2 people and 2 people only.  One the puppet master, the other the puppet – unleashing hell and making my week just about perfect.  I intend to catch this man live, everytime I can from now on.


5 thoughts on “Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

  1. Aah or was it the other way around??! Possibly not – Cave is no Jesus, unless we are talking about a Jesus fallen into a cynical, angry world, which might be entirely relevant to today’s society. However, Ellis never once looked like the stooge, never once looked as if he was dancing to Cave’s tune. There were moments when he wandered about his instruments trying to decide what to play next – there was clearly no script or play list was sitting by his stage spot. Cave was magnificent, a complete showman – Ellis is pure evil genius!

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