Under-rated – Grand Drive – True Love and High Adventure.

I stumbled upon this band mainly because of my friend David.  I think they made 4 or 5 albums in total before breaking up and going their separate musical ways.  For the life of me I will never understand why these guys did not make more of an impact.  I guess perhaps it was the whole Ameircana slant to their music, which just wasn’t accepted in Britain at the time.  It’s funny, I could easily imagine them supporting Fleet Foxes so easily there days.  How fickle the British music press is.  But if I’m honest, perhaps it was more the public than the press because I recall at the time of release True Love and High Adventure got some amazing reviews.  I never forget this album because I had bought the Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy at the same time and I think between the 2 they occupied my stereo most of the time.  Anyways, I guess this is a trip down memory lane for me as I haven’t put this record on for a while and when I did today I remember just how brilliant a piece of music it actually is.  ‘A ladder to the stars’, ‘the guy who could carry on’ and ‘a little numb’ being stand outs for me.  If you like Fleet Foxes, if you like your music with a slight touch of Americana, if you are a fan of Grand Archives or indeed any band that can produce stunning harmonies, then you need to check out this album.  I don’t think many do it better than Grand Drive.  I guess they must wish they were born on the other side of the Atlantic so they could have been liked in the UK.  It’s just not cool to do Americana if you’re from Hartlepool or Norfolk I guess.  Shame.


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