KAGE, Dundee, 5th December 2008

KAGE used to be a lap dancing bar.  It’s down a dodgy back alley, which I wouldn’t venture down even if I knew there was a gig going on.  It’s up about 100 stairs, which I wouldn’t climb even if I knew a gig was on.  Actually, come to think of it, I can’t believe anyone would climb all those stairs for the hassle of a lap dance!  We get there to discover there is no sound engineer for the night and only a vocal pa, which is not ideal. Even with only 3 of us I think we struggled to hear on stage what was going on.  Thanks to The French Quarter and Chris from Esperi though I think the room sound was quite good.  Unfortunately, we’re only playing to the bands and a sprinkling of others so it really did feel like a practice show.  But it’s cool because I think tonight and tomorrow will be good and so it was worth doing.  I had a really good night as well and it’s always nice to make new friends and meet people.  Chris from Esperi was a lovely guy and I really enjoyed his short set.  Bizarely, I used to go to school with his bass player but didn’t recognise him when we shook hands at the start!  We used to walk up the road from school every day!  Was cool to catch up.  It’s a small, small world.  Anyways, I thought we played ok even if not everyone in the band could hear everything.  So now we head on up to SNAFU in Aberdeen but we’ve got to leave Grant behind as he has to work today.  So myself and Graeme will head up the road and attempt to do something make shift.  We’ve not really had an opportunity to practice songs so I think we might need to use the soundcheck to figure out exactly what we’re going to do! 

Anyways, the other good thing to come out of last night was me getting to hear My Latest Novel for the first time.  The French Quarter have been playing them between band sets and they are just brilliant!  So anyways, another day, another trip, another gig.  Hopefully this one will result in something more positive than last night.  However, like a friend reminded me last night,  even if one person goes away and checks you out, it’s one more fan than you had at the start of the night.  I guess I suffer from self confidence issues.  But they also reminded me that creativity and self confidence don’t often go hand in hand and it’s better that way.  And I agree with that.  It made me feel a whole lot better.  So now I head to Aberdeen in a brighter mood and wearing a t-shirt my mum gave me that is made from bamboo!  I don’t understand it.  A t-shirt made of bamboo?!  Oh well, it’s something to chat about on stage tonight…..