Aberdeen, 6th December 2008

Well that was really great.  I feel a lot more energised about things after tonights show.  Given that there were only 3 paying customers at the Dundee show, it was nice to see so many people through the door tonight.  And despite Graeme and I worrying about not having practiced a set as a 2 piece, I think we sounded good.  The sound was great in SNAFU so a big thank you to Rob from Kartta for that.  I feel bad for having to leave early again tonight, but to be honest I am glad to be tucked up in my bed just now.  Next time though I will make sure I get sorted early and maybe crash at Phil’s or somebody in Aberdeen!  I think Phil does a great job up there though.  Good promoters are hard to find to be honest but Phil puts on great nights and tonight was no exception.  I also have to say that he’s the first promoter or reviewer that has got the bands who influence me correct!  Nice flyer/poster made me smile before we’d even played.  And our set was fun.  After the weirdness of Dundee it was a lovely tonic – tomorrow in Edinburgh should also be great.  Grant is back in the set up and Russell will be playing viola as well – so it should be a lot of fun.   Then it’s back to recording the album!  Can’t wait!  If you are free.  Please come along tomorrow night.  Should be a good one.