Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, 7th December 2008

Well this was great.  Easily the best we’ve played for a long time.  I thought Grant was magic last night and Russell adds so much to our sound.  I wish I could convince him to join the Kays full time.  I plan to work on this though – so Russell, if you read this, you have been warned!  Anyways, I really enjoyed playing last night.  Afetr Graeme and I did a good show in Aberdeen I felt confident again and soundcheck went really well too.  Alex is such a top sound engineer and I never ever doubt how good we sound with him controlling things.  I think that’s why Trampoline is much more stress free to be honest, because I know when bands turn up they are going to get top sound each and every time.  And last night he recorded the show as well so I might be able to get hold of some live tracks in the near future.  Don’t think we’d release them, but if they sound good would be nice to have a live recording here and there and available to use when we want.  So yeah, last night for me was great, the songs sounded great, we played really well and it has left me feeling really confident about recording.  The songs we will record are all decided now so it’s just a matter of getting our heads down and getting on with things.  With Neil from Meursault in control as well I feel really sure we can produce something special that we are all proud of, and hopefully that people will really like.  Of that you can never be sure, but I guess you’ve got to be selfish first and then just hope that was sounds good to you will sound good to others.  Hopefully at this time next year we’ll have a really positive answer to that question.