Che Guevara

One of my all time favourite films is the brilliant Motor Cycle Diaries, which is basically the story of 2 young Argentinians Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado who take a road trip across Latin America on a voyage of discovery and learning.  It’s ultimatley the story of a young ‘Che’ Guevara and an insight into how the young man in this story became one of the most famous revolutionaries and most important men in history.  I have been fascinated with Che Guevara for a long time.  The reasons for this fascination are a little warped I suppose.  I remember being younger and seeing all these posters, t-shirts and other tat with the mans face printed on.  Everyone knows that iconic image of the man with the beret and the long hair streaming out.  I believe both Diego Maradona and Juan Sebastian Veron have tattoos of the image on their arms or somewhere else.  I just never understood it.  Why the fascination with this man? But more importantly for me, I didn’t think anyone knew what they were wearing or why, they just liked the image.  And either did i.  That said I have never ever owned anything with the image or worn anything with the image and I refused to unless I fully understood the background to the man.  I have read some of his diaries and read other stories about him but it is with real interest that I note the release of the film ‘CHE’ in January next year featuring the brilliant Benicio Del Toro as the man himself.  It apparently clocks in at a crazy 4 hours but I for one will happily sit through it.  The Motorcycle Diaries surprised me.  All my preconceptions were that he was an evil revolutionary and a significantly controversial figure.  However, when you watch that film, what you see is a young man, troubled by what he sees as he crosses Latin America.  You see a human, a humble, caring human clearly affected by the world he is discovering.  Those early road trips clearly shaped his thoughts about the world we live in, about politices, about society and set him on the path, which would ultimately lead to his death in Bolivia.  I for one am looking forward with great interest to the new film.