The Things You’ve Seen

When I get called grumpy it annoys me.  It shouldn’t annoy me but it does.  Can I be grumpy – yes, we all can.  Every single person I know at somepoint in their lives has been grumpy for one reason or another.  But what I really hate is being branded something that I really am not by people who know too little about me to make judgements or statements like that.  There’s nothing grumpy about me.  Being quiet, sensitive and thoughtful is not grumpy.  Being serious is not being grumpy.  But it’s not just grumpy, I just hate people calling other people things they are not, especially when those people have no idea who the person they are calling what they are calling actually is inside.  I suppose I should recall the old saying “sticks and stones” but then as I just mentioned, I’m pretty sensitive and don’t like name calling.  Break my bones if you don’t like me, at least that way I know you don’t like me!  :o)  I was pretty ill all last week and things were getting to me too much I suppose.  Perhaps I was taking things to heart too much.  But I guess in my eyes, calling me grumpy or whatever else, is kind of like calling Wilco the American Radiohead.  It’s fucking lazy and it’s just not true. 

Anyways, whilst lying in my sick pit, I had the pleasure of just flicking through the music channels on sky.  It’s something I never do anymore – mainly because the music shown is usually shit.  But I suppose when you’re ill you have a stronger acceptance of things you normally wouldn’t listen to, just to get you through the day.  And I learned this:  1) I miss the Fugees!!  Ready Or Not was a top top tune.   2) I actually like the new Oasis tune – this is a complete shock to me as I never like anything by them.  I just feel like for the first time in ages Liam is actually singing and not whining and the chorus is a total winner.  3)  Beyonce can seriously dance and has great backing dancers!!  Girls Aloud cannot dance and should all be made to stand very still whilst performing.  4) Katy Perry has such annoying tunes but because I quite fancy her I cannot turn the videos off and end up singing her songs all day long, which is annoying.  5) The lead singer of Slipknot has a skinhead and is actually quite a funny guy despite being totally terrifying.  6) MTV2 clearly over rate the new Kings of Leon album.  7) For some reason all the channels are playing Kelis’ tune ‘Milkshake’, which I’m pretty sure is not a Christmas tune – so I’m not sure why it is getting so many plays all of a sudden?!  8)  Ne Lo(??) v Chris Brown hour should not exist.  Why would anyone watch that hour of music?  It’s not even music.  It’s vocal wanking over a backing track.  9) That Jared Leto’s band must spend millions on every single video they do.  Seriously over the top video makers!  10)  The Hills is a terrible terrible show – but so addictive.  It’s wrong.  It’s just so wrong.

So anyways, I’m better now.  Well, pretty much.  So hopefully the posts will be a little more interesting again!!


2 thoughts on “The Things You’ve Seen

  1. Yeah! smile, it might never happen!! (this works the best when a total stranger on a street says it to you though)

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