Neon Neon – Stainless Style

This may surprise some people who know the kays, my personal taste in music and me in general but I love this album.  I only heard it for the first time whilst in the car with Graeme on the way back from our show in Glasgow but knew immediately that it was an album that my wife would love, so I got her it for Xmas – yes, pronounced X- mas Futurama style!  Anyways, I bought her the album and sure enough she absolutely loves it, but surprisingly so do I.  It’s completely cheesey and filled with songs that could feature in Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or any other 80s film!  But it’s brilliant.  The track Michael Douglas has got to be up there in the danceability stakes and there are so many other brilliant tracks.  It sometimes borders on the ridiculous, but so far it has not failed to make me smile or indeed dance everytime it is played.  I love it.

Trampoline on Audioscribbler

So this is a nice end to 2008 and a big help for 2009.  I was recently interviewed by about Trampoline and the article, with interview included, is now available to read at the following link:

I hope that this interview is found and read widely and helps attract new people to Trampoline shows in 2009 as well as promoting the excellent Retreat Festival, which took place in August this year.   I also think it’s hugely encouraging for Edinburgh artists that there is another voice, in the form of Helen Newberry, who will review and support the blossoming Edinburgh music scene and push forward the bands that she really believes should be heard.  Another positive to take from this excellent year.  Bring on 2009.