Photo Exhibition

So,  my friend Heidi Kuisma who is an exceptionally talented photographer and who has taken many live shots of the Kays in 2008 has been given an exhibition of her work at the 13th Note in January 2009.  As she explains on her site My Bit Of Sky:

“The little window space in The 13th Note will have my live music photos in January. Expect my badly exposed gig photos, loads of boys with guitars, quite a few beards, a couple of girls…. most of them in black and white. Unfortunately there won’t be any shoe photos 😉 As the photos will be on the window where they usually have installations/sculptures, there is no need to go inside to see them. But please venture in too, that place is lovely.

The photos will have faces from the following bands: biffy clyro, sigur ros, findo gask, her name is calla, the acute, the kays lavelle, iLiKETRAiNS, twilight sad, frightened rabbit, there will be fireworks, herman dune, isa and the filthy tongues, glissando, copy haho, stroszek, glider, doneimagine, lanterns, mono, keser, immanu el… ”

So yeah – there will be photos in the exhibition of the Kays.  I’m not sure that these will enhance Heidi’s exhibition!  However, if you live in Glasgow, please do venture along and check out her work, or if you can’t then visit her website where you can check out her excellent work.  Her photos really are lovely so please either stop by the 13th note or, if it’s too cold in January, swing by her website.


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