Apart from being one of my favourite ever TV shows, it struck me the other day whilst watching the box set that ‘the boy with the arab strap’ has got to be the most appropriate and well thought out theme tune to a show ever.  I don’t really like Belle and Sebastian….shame on me, I know……but if ever there was a tune more suited to a tv show then I am yet to find it.  genius.

Counting the beats

So it’s 2009.  Unlike many people, I am not one for making resolutions at the start of a year.  Mainly because I know that I won’t keep them, but also because trying to think out a list of resolutions is not something I can really be bothered with.  Yes, I should use my gym more often, yes I should get back to playing football every week and yes I should drink less and eat better.  I remember the days of training 3/4 times a week, running 7 miles 2/3 times a week and being in tip top condition.  I remember being in my early 20s and being able to enjoy doing that and having the time to do that.  Alas, a number of sport related injuries during my 20s mean that whenever I try to do things like that these days, I wake up in a lot of pain.  Playing football every week was a killer, yet I still want to get back to that as it’s something I love doing.  Maybe once the recording process is out of the way I’ll be able to get back into a more normal routine.  We’ll see.  I don’t think my life will ever be the same again after February, but in such a positive and exciting way.

The album has consumed my life now for months on end.  Whether it’s actually recording, working on my lyrics, working on the songs, the structures or just thinking about what songs to record and the instrumentation on each song, it’s be a long process mentally.  It’s such a nice feeling to see things slowly coming together.  I am hopeful that by the end of this month, the majority of the parts will be recorded.   It’s been a much more fragmented process than I’ve been used to in the past.  For a start the majority of recording so far has been done by me with Neil with no other members of the band, other than Graeme, involved as yet.  In the past we’ve recorded live as a band and done it over a series of days.  If I am honest, the approach adopted this time has been a much more enjoyable experience, for me anyways.  Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll have a clearer view of how things will move forward, which songs will be on the album and when the album is likely to be ready.  Either way, at the moment I am loving absorbing everything about the process, which continues for the next 4 nights.  It’s drum time.  

Anyways, 2009 has the potential to be a big year for so many of my friends and I want to wish everyone the best for this coming year.  I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be a lot of positive things to happen in 2009.