Cancel the Astronauts, Team Turnip, Endor @ Trampoline, Saturday 17th January 2009

Saturday night was something to behold.  81 people through the door at a Trampoline show.  I have to be honest, I’m a bit stunned by the number of folk who braved the wind and rain to make it to the show but I am delighted they did and very grateful too.  It was a nice way to kick of 2009.  Though a little noisey at times, I guess that comes with the territory of so many people being there and having not seen one another since before Xmas but it was a nice feeling to see so many people there for the music.  And it was a great night of music.  Unfortunately, I cannot review Cancel the Astronauts because I was not still around for their set having had to get home after Russell played.  But if you are interested in what I think of these guys then you can check out some older posts as I have reviewed them before.
Anyways, first up were Endor, well 2 of Endor.  I have to be honest, it’s been a while since I saw Endor play and I really had forgotten how fucking great they are.  Even as a 2 piece the songs are just brilliantly constructed, thought out and delivered with such energy and enthusiasm.  In a way I wish the full band had been available because they are definitely one of my favourite Scottish bands – I just forget they are because I have no recordings of their stuff and the last time I saw them live was at Gimme Shelter in 2007!  So, yeah, totally loved their set and thought their closer of Dancing in the Dark was spot on.  I openly admit to not being a massive fan of the cover version, but it was a high energy ball of fun.  Excellent set from an excellent band.
Team Turnip.  Well, there could be bias in this review because I’ve been playing piano/synth at Russell’s recent live shows.  However, as most of you will know, the type of music that Russell plays is not really what I would describe as my style or personal preference.  That said, playing as part of his backing band has been an absolute pleasure and a right good laugh and has been a challenge – perhaps because it has taken me out of my comfort zone.  And the more I listen and play his songs, the more I like them.  Not that I didn’t like them to begin with, just that I think that it has taken a little bit of time for each of them to grow on me.  His song ‘I want to be someone when I die’ is just a piece of simple, brilliant pop and ‘photos of the staff’ and ‘trigonometry’ are both pretty special too.  Though, my favourite tune to play would be ‘scramble eggs’, which as far as I’m aware is not on any recording.  So playing for Russell has been a challenge, has been really enjoyable and I really hope I continue to get to be part of his set up.  I thought Saturday went really well for him and the songs sounded great – if you get a chance, please check out his myspace and get a copy of his recent EP, which is a bargain at £3.
If anyone (other than Cancel the Astornauts themselves!)  wants to post a comment about their set that would be great as I was disappointed to have to leave and miss them.  They certainly sounded good in soundcheck. 
So a good start to Trampoline in 2009 and now we can look forward to the Glissando show on 6th February, which should be absolutely cracking.  Please come along and continue to support the nights and don’t miss the next show because Glissando, The French Quarter and The Japanese War Effort in February.  Cheers.

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