Glissando at Trampoline – 6th February 2009

I’ve never really written much about Glissando on this blog.  I think I reviewed their last Trampoline show, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually expressed how much I rate this band.  If I’m honest about their debut album “With our arms wide open we march towards the burning sea” – it’s an album I find challenging and sometimes a little too challenging to listen to on a regular basis.  I say this, not because I find the songs particularly strange.  In actual fact, the songs themselves are haunting, dark, beautiful, sparkling gems.  But the album has a lot of space, a lot of endings to songs, which sometimes feel unnecessarily long or drawn out.  This is not necessarily a major problem, but it does make listening to the album more of a process and experience than an album of 3 minute definitive pop songs.  To be perfectly honest though, that’s the only (slight) criticism I have of the album and I actually believe that I would not make such an observation had I not had the pleasure of having them play Trampoline twice now.  I think my point about this whole thread is, that regardless of what you make of the album, the band are something special live.  Last time out at Trampoline they produced a performance I’d rate as good as any gig I saw last year and I fully expect their show on 6th February to be something even more special.  First time out they played as a 2 piece, last time as a 4 piece and this time there will be 7 of them on stage.  It’s going to be amazing.  I know it is.  And I can’t wait.  If you can make it along, I highly recommend this show.  Not only for Glissando, but for The French Quarter who The Kays had the pleasure of touring with at the end of last year and also for The Japanese War Effort, Jamie’s – of Boyfriend/Girlfriend fame – solo project.  As usual, the gig takes place at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh Art College.  Doors are 7pm.  And it’s £5 entry.  I don’t think you’ll see a better signed band this year than Glissando for a fiver so please come along and support them as part of their UK tour.  It should be something special.

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