So as the recording process reaches an advanced stage, I am sitting wondering how it is you go about sorting out a label to help you put the album you’ve slaved over out to the world.  I know I’m not going to be able to address this issue until we have a sampler available to send to various labels but it’s knowing where to look, knowing who might just like what we’re doing enough to help us get it out there on a wider level.  I won’t lie.  Financially this is going to be a very difficult release for us.  I personally do not have a significant amount of cash lying around for such purposes so the support of a label in terms of production etc becomes increasingly important to me.  And as I look around at all my friends bands with their deals or labels helping them release things, I realise that this album may, once complete, sit on my shelf or on a hard drive for a significant period of time.  It’s truly something that worries me.  I guess I’m just not sure how to get interest from people and I suppose without generating interest there is little chance of labels even noticing what you are doing.  I  do have contacts who I know will help me out, but I would love to have peace of mind and know that there is a label out there offering their support at this time.  I have been thinking a lot recently about this issue and know that the only option available to us might be to set up our own label and put it out on that.  It’s something I have to seriously consider and something I will be sitting down this week with a friend to discuss in more detail.  So whilst the recording is going great, the actual reality of what happens after that is something quite unknown and quite concerning.  I guess I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands to figure out the next step, I just wish I knew where to begin to be honest.