Trespassers William Tickets On Sale Now!!

Ok.  So here it is.   Trespassers William are confirmed for Friday 2nd October at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art.    Whilst I’m not one to beg people to come along to a show, I really am hoping for the support of all my freinds and people I know to make this show a massive success for all involved.  But I think and hope it’s a show that I won’t have to sell too hard as it ill sell itself and I wont’ need to beg people to come along!  Trespassers William are making their way over from Seattle for a UK and European joint tour with the wondeful Glissando, the opening night of which is being run by Trampoline.  So I am desperate to make it a night to remember and one that we can all enjoy.  If you don’t know anything about the band, here’s a little press blurb for you:

New to the Gizeh Records family, Trespassers William return with a new EP full of their usual chilling warmth entitled ‘The Natural Order Of Things’.  A sensory overload of broken, distorted soundscapes, all the while pinned back by Anna-Lynne’s unmistakably haunting vocals and words.

Trespassers’ first album ‘Different Stars’ (Bella Union) pushed them into the public eye and the band spent two years touring with the likes of Damien Rice, Stereolab, Explosions in the Sky and Broken Social Scene before recording their second album ‘Having’ in 2005.

Anna-Lynne has also recorded guest vocals on The Chemical Brothers ‘Push the Button’ record and the band have featured on such US TV shows as ‘The OC’ and ‘One Tree Hill’.

The new EP is available to pre-order from the Gizeh Records online store or on download from CD Baby.

Some previous press:

“Singer Anna-Lynne Williams has one of those crystal-clear voices made up of shyness, loneliness and quiet despair, while her band dream up the kind of space country that might have sound tracked ‘Twin Peaks: The Comedown Years'” – NME.

“….her voice is immediately loveable and her inconsolable world-weariness completely convincing.  Moving, even.  Each song unfolds through a swathe of reverb and allows Anna-Lynne acres of space to express her woes with quiet dignity.  File alongside Red House Painters, another band all too aware of the terrifying beauty of sadness” – Rock Sound.

“If deep, breathy dreamscapes and ethereal, mournful elegance are what you seek, you’ll find them hear….Tears will undoubtedly follow, of joy and despair and an overwhelming desire to dwell in this space forevermore” – Logo Magazine.

I have been fortunate enough to have heard the new EP and its simply beautiful and well worth pre-ordering so please go and have a listen.  I also have their last album ‘Having’, which is also a sparkling gem of a record.  If you like your music sparse, dark and crackling with distortion and reverb, then this is for you.  What makes the show extra special is that support will come from the wonderful Glissando who many of you already know from previous appearances at Trampoline.  Its kind of a joint tour of the UK and Europe so its pretty much 2 headline acts at the one show.  A local support will also be on show – still to be confirmed but I guarantee they won’t disappoint.  If you know me, you’ll have an idea of who is likely to be playing.  It’s not the Kays!

SOOO, here is the information that you need to know.  This show will be pre-order tickets for the first time ever at trampoline.  These can be bought from and cost £7 – there is an option to pay more, with the extra being a contribution to Oxfam.  Tickets are on sale NOW!!!  Just type Trespassers William in the search box and you should be directed straight to the tickets for this show.  Doors for the show will be 7pm and the show will finish as per normal at 10pm.  It’s a Friday night.  The perfect way to start the weekend.  And hopefully this post will give enough advance warning to allow folk to make sure they are free and can buy tickets well in advance!

I hope as many people as possible can support me at this show as it’s pretty massive for Trampoline and would mean the world to me if we could pack the Wee Red.


Leith Tape Club @ Iso Bar, 26 March 2009

This is a lovely night.  A great idea by Alan Oates, aka Little Pebble, aka one part of Come In Tokyo…..I could go on.  I won’t.  Anyways, it’s always great to see local artists starting their own nights to benefit the music community in Edinburgh.  Leith has a lot of musicians living there but a serious lack of quality venues, which is a shame as the area itself is full of good bars and places to eat so is usually pretty busy come the weekend.  I myself live in Leith as does Graeme and I think we associated ourselves with the area – though never seem to get noticed by the likes of Leith FM!!!  We’re not really radio friendly anyways though so I’m not too bothered.  Be nice to play the Leith Festival though sometime. 

Anyways, I digress.  So I was doing the door for Alan as a favour last night but its never a burden when the music on offer is so good.  Alan himself opened the night with a new Little Pebble track I first heard at Trampoline.  It’s about pulling a girl he considered to be way out of his league.  When he first told me the story about how he saw her and said ‘you’re way out of my league’ I thought he’d actually said that to her from stage, turns out he said it to himself in his head.  Still, I reckon it’s a good way to start a conversation with somebody you think is way out of your league.  Though it does require you to be performing live music, stand up comedy etc at the time.  Again, I digress.  It’s a lovely tune.  All Alan’s Little Pebble tunes are.  I never tire of hearing him play.  I look forward to the next time.

I’m not going to say much about Jennifer Concannon.  She’s just back from SXSW in Texas and touring California and has an absolutely stunning voice.  If you like your music country/bluesy and full of soul then she is definitely for you.  It’s  not really my cup of tea but she was really good at what she did and I’m sure will do really well in the future. 

Randan Discotheque is new to me.  I know that sounds strange as he is certainly no stranger within the Edinburgh music community.  However, the first time I heard him was on Leith FM last week when he played his song ‘Heather the Weather’ about the famous weather girl from Reporting Scotland.   I was immediately drawn by the sound.  It’s almost very traditional Scottish folk (which I do have a soft spot for) he plays but with an alternative twist.  With drums and a second guitar added last night, his set was fantastic.  I don’t know what the first song was called because he wouldn’t tell us!, but it was one of the highlights of the evening for me.  I really enjoyed his set and hope to have him along to Trampoline in the near future for sure.

Ottersgear.  I’m not going to lie.  It took me a couple of songs to get it.  But I got it.  And I loved it.  One of the oddest voices I’ve heard in a long time but one that added something special to the songs, which ranged from delicate beauty to foot stamping rowdyness.  Backed by one of the best guitarists I’ve seen in a long time this was definitely an artist that I want to hear more of and will be checking out online this weekend.

And finally, Rob St. John.   Rob is somebody whose music I know well.  I own both EPs he’s released and I have had the pleasure of seeing him live on so many occasions in the past.  He’s also played Trampoline a few times and I have never been to a show yet where he has disappointed.  Tonight is a solo performance.  I’ve never seen that before.  He did not disappoint.   I think he played a lot of new tunes mixed with some old favourites, but the highlight of the night was his set opener which had one of the most beautiful guitar motifs I have heard in a long, long, long time.  A work in progress I am led to believe.  I hope he can develop it with his band as I think it has the potential to be an absolute classic.  This was the perfect backdrop for his songs, dark, atmospheric and full of thought and wonder, Rob St. John is definitely a jewel in the Edinburgh music scene.
Anyways, if you are interested in The Leith Tape Club, and you should be, please visit to find out what its all about and help support another excellent music night in this fair city.

Why Do My Stats Fluctuate So Strangely??

Here’s what I don’t understand.  I’ve been writing this blog since about September/Ocotber last year….I think.  And in that time I have kept an eye on how many people visit my site each day and what they read.  But what I don’t understand is why at certain times I have lots of people on the site and at other times I have absolutely none!  I am knew to this whole writing about stuff you like thing, so if you do read my blog please say hello and maybe let me know if it’s actually interesting or if you’ve got anything out of it.  I don’t write because I want people to talk to per se, I write because I love writing and love writing about music, books, films, art that I love.  But in the past few months I’ve just become curious about who reads the page and if it’s actually worth reading! 

Today I’m back in at work after my extremely weird week.  Spent a lovely night last night doing the door at The Leith Tape Club, which I will review shortly.  Totally helped me relax and am now looking forward to a stress free *crosses fingers* weekend.    I don’t think I have any more new music to listen to this weekend so if any record labels, managers, promoters want to send me anything please feel free to do so @   Always receptive to new tunes to fuel a chilled out weekend.

Fuzzy Lights – A Distant Voice

So, it would be easy for me to tag this review with phrases such as “they sound like” or “it reminds me of” but at the end of the day, whilst there are definite influences on show throughout this album, I have to say that this is somehow a refreshing piece of music.  No, its not ground breaking, but each tune is constructed brilliantly and the album has a lovely flow to it from start to finish.  It’s also not too long, clocking in at 9 tracks long, which for an album nowadays is short.   But quantity doesn’t always mean quality and these guys prove that with these 9 little gems.  The album growls and grows and sparkles and hums and fizzes and leaves a really relaxed atmosphere as it draws to a close.  The violins and growly guitars are undeniably Dirty 3 influenced but like I said, these guys take all their influences, wrap them up in a massive ball of atmosphere, spin it all around and then unleash something slightly different to anything I have heard before.  A lovely little gem of an album.  Definitely ones to keep an eye on in the future.

TSP Grade = C-/B+

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Beware

Ok, so I am by no means the biggest Will Oldham fan in the world.  I have not followed all his many various projects all that closely.  In fact, if I am honest, I own 3 albums by the man.  ‘I See A Darkness’, ‘Master and Everyone’ and now this brand new album ‘Beware’.  That said, I also caught him live at the ABC a couple of years ago and it was one of the most stunningly beautiful live shows I’ve seen.  ‘Master and Everyone’ holds a special place in my life simply because when I was a student working on various projects or studying for exams that was always one of my favourite albums to put on whilst I worked.  It’s simple beauty never fails to make me smile and it was absolutely perfect music for trying to pass exams to.

Well this is another gem.  Absolutely gorgeous songs but with a far more country feel to them than my previous experience of his work.  To be honest, it reminds me more of his live show, where he even managed to brighten up the dark shades of tracks from I See A Darkness with some excellent instrumentation and beautiful arrangements.  I get the feeling that this album is a very personal, mysterious record.  The song titles reflect the personal and the tone of the album is without doubt one straying towards the dark rather than the light.  Hearing this makes me wonder why I’ve not just religiously invested in this mans work.  His albums never fail to disappoint me and yet I only own 3.  Well I think on the evidence of this record that will be changing every soon.  This mysterious, ellusive songwriter is definitely one that needs further exploration on my part, but on the evidence of what I’ve heard in my life, he’s well up there with the greatest songwriters of our generation.

TSP Grade = B

Trespassers William to play Trampoline

This is very exciting. It’s about as exciting as it gets for a d.i.y promoter!  This band are amazing and have been on my stereo constantly since I bought their album ‘Having’.  So it is with great delight I am able to confirm that Trespassers William will be crossing the Atlantic in Octber for a UK/European tour and as part of that tour will come to the Edinburgh College of Art to play Trampoline.  I am buzzing about this.  I have been for weeks since I knew it was a possibility. Never in a million years did I expect to be able to draw a band of this stature to the Wee Red but I’ve done it and I feel very grateful and very excited. It’s going to be a great, great night.  The date for the show is October 2nd and to top things off the other act on part of this joint tour will be Trampoline favourites Glissando.  This is going to be a totally special show and I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that the show is a sell out.  Tickets will be pre-order and once the info on where to get them is available I will let everyone know.  In the meantime please check the band out at:

And pre-order their forthcoming EP ‘The Natural Order Of Things’ to be released on the wonderful Gizeh Records in June.  This can be pre-ordered at

The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha

It’s been a really fucking weird weekend.  I had a lovely day back in Dundee on Saturday with my parents.  My dad doesn’t travel well so this was the first time he’d had a proper chance to spend time with Roddy.  So we have a lovely, if exhausting day in Dundee.  On Sunday, we did very little, there was nothing out of the ordinary to speak of, just a normal Sunday chilling with some great tunes and good chat.  Then I woke in the middle of the night feeling sick, badly sick.  1 hour later and Pamela was the same.  So we spent all of Sunday night and the whole of Monday tagging in and out of the bathroom and en-suite and having a not very pleasant day of it.  My whole body was drained and weak, I couldn’t walk properly and I just felt exhausted and shocking.  Food poisoning!!!!  I’ve never felt so bad in all my life. So poor Roddy didn’t get his normal attention.  Then all of a sudden, as we started to feel a tiny little more human and were looking forward to a good sleep, Roddy decided it was his turn to be unwell!  He had his 6 week check up this morning and since then we’ve been at the Sick Kids hospital where he is now booked in to have a hernia operation.  He’s a lot better than he was last night, but his crying every single hour has left us completely wrecked.  And to top it all off, my employers seem to think it’s a good idea to paint single yellow lines across the road from an A & E for sick children which has car park for about 25 cars.  What a bunch of ignorant fuck wits.  Though, I am sure they are well aware that that is where everyone will park and that is where they can make their money!  I am more than a little disgusted by the parking ticket I received on my return from a long afternoon in A & E.  So I was tired, worried and angry as I got in the car to come home tonight.  Then I started listening to the Appleseed Cast’s new album ‘Sagarmatha’ and all the tension just drained from me.  This is brilliant stuff.  At first I thought it was going to be fully instrumental as the first tune ‘As the little things go’ kicked on.  But just as I thought the song was approaching a climax, the overdrive pedals kicked in as did the vocals.  What a great surprise!  I love moments like that on albums.  The thing you least expect, just when you least expect it.  I can’t put my finger on who they sound like.  Nobody I know would be my first answer I guess.  But I have to say, weirdly, that I hear a lot of Doves in the melody and the vocals.  Absolutely gorgeous stuff.  It will be on repeat for sometime I think.

I’ve also had the pleasure today of having a sneak listen to the new EP by Trespassers William.  I obviously can’t say much about it other than it’s fucking brilliant and is making me smile a great deal right now.  Or as much as I can after the past few days I’ve had.  Off to bed to recharge some batteries!

Sleep In Perfect Blue Buildings, Beside The Green Apple Sea

August And Averything After by Counting Crows.  This album is the album that changed my life in musical terms.  Up until this point I had immersed myself with albums by the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney…you name it, grungewise, I had it!  I was also experimenting with punk though probably not real punk, more like the Offspring, Rancid and bands like that.  Not sure true punks would class that as punk music but it’s the stuff I was listening to and it was defined as punk by the magazines!  Then a friend gave me August And Everything After and everything changed.  It was then, and still is now one of my favourite records.  From the first track Round Here until the last Murder Of One, the album is a piece of absolute genius. Lyrically and vocally it’s a stunning record and whilst I still love Counting Crows, nothing they do will ever compare to this wonderful piece of music.  The record shaped me, it’s darkness like on Round Here, Omaha, Anna Begins and the stark beauty of tunes like Sullivan Street and Murder Of One tuned my ears into a totally different place. I have to hold my hands up and say that the music I listen to now has been massively influenced by this album.  It pushed me away from the grunge and heavy music and into a world where less is more.  Don’t get me wrong,  I do still love the guitars to be cranked up to 1o and the volume revved.  But there’s a time and a place for that….it’s called a Mogwai gig!  Anyways, it made me think of albums that have shaped my life and the music I make.  In no particular order, I think the most important to me would be:

Counting Crows:  August and Everything After

Radiohead: OK Computer

Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Sparklehorse: It’s A Wonderful Life

The National: Boxer

Mogwai; CODY

Tom Waits: Mule Variations

Elliott Smith: XO

Sleepingdog@ Trampoline, Friday 20th March 2009

There are some shows I love and other shows I really love and then there was this show, which has to be one of the nicest shows I’ve had the pleasure of attending, being involved in.  This was a lovely night of collaboration, and beautiful tunes and a fully attentive and appreciative audience.  If only all shows were like this.  It would be a joy to play always.  However, despite the lovely people that did turn up, the turn out for this show was disappointing given how well the Trampoline shows have been attended this year.  It was also disappointing because it was a touring artist from Belgium who was headlining, and a fucking brilliant one at that.  Somebody who has supported Lambchop on tour and who has a brilliant new album out on Gizeh Records in the form of Polar Life.  What really disappoints me I think is that we (as a city of music fans) moan about acts like this not coming to our city, choosing Glasgow instead, and yet when one does come along, we’re all too busy going and watching local bands who we can see anytime, out getting pissed or just can’t be arsed coming out.  So yes, it disappoints me that this show was so poorly attended because I doubt we’ll see as good a performance at Trampoline for a while. 

Chantal Acda, or Sleepingdog as she is known, plays the most stunningly beauitful, minimalistic tunes.  Her voice is something special adding to the chilling beauty of the music it is set to.  Last night, songs like ‘The Sun Sinks In To The Sea’ and set closer ‘Your Eyes’ are as breathtaking as anything I’ve heard live before (I love Your Eyes, one of my favourite songs ever!).  Her cover of dEUS ‘Hotel Lounge’ is also a higlight for me.  Probably, bar Instant Street, my favourite dEUS song and such a lovely version of it.  Chris doing improv drumming on it added something special and you could tell that Chantal and the guys loved what he created.  With the backing of a couple of musicians (Rich from Glissando being one, legend that he is) she creates a perfect Friday night atmosphere and performs a set of stunning beauty, which makes me hope that she doesn’t spend too long before coming back to our shores to showcase her talents.  I just hope that next time out more people come along and don’t miss out on seeing a truly wonderful artist.   As usual, the Wee Red forms the perfect backdrop for the music and the sound is perfect (thanks Alex) – deliberately minimal and intimate to compliment the music.  I don’t think one person who was willing to turn up and pay the money left disappointed last night and Chantal seemed to sell a fair few cds, despite the poor attendance.  As ever,  Rich is so lovely about the turn out stating that it was the best show of the tour and making me feel a lot better about things.  However, the night just makes me want to up my promoting and make sure that artists like Sleepingdog do not get missed when they come to our city.  A wonderful performance from a wonderful artist.

In terms of the Kays.  Well it was fun.  First time we’ve played with Chris on drums and it was great.  He was great.  Obviously we were a little rusty, but it was as good as we’ve played for a while and was a really enjoyable set.  Rich joining us for set closer ‘December’ made my night.  Lovely guy, great musician and added a whole new depth to the song.  I hope to record it and maybe sneak it on the album if I can.  We’ll see!

And Esperi.  Well I love sitting and listening to Chris play guitar.  He’s a stunningly talented musician.  Drums, guitar, playing bells with his feet.  You name it, he can do it!  And he sings about his dogs.  Which makes me jealous, as I really want a dog badly.  Sitting in Dundee at my parents house as I write this.  Been playing with their dog most of the day.  I love dogs.  I can’t wait to own one again.  So yeah, lovely songs, made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy.  Or maybe that was the can of Red Stripe.  Who knows.

Sparrow and the Workshop, Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers and Little Pebble @ Trampoline, Saturday 14th March, 2009.

This was our second birthday show.  I remember last years first birthday show, featuring Cancel the Astronauts and FOUND being a bit of a failure turn out wise, so it was with some trepidation that I set off for the Wee Red Bar on Saturday night.  I was quietly confident that we could generate a good crowd for this show, but like everything else in life nothing is really a guarantee.  So it was a relief to see the turn out on Saturday being so good and the night being an absolute cracker to boot.

Little Pebble was first up.  I’ve always struggled to find a description of his music that I like but I’ve decided that his songs remind me of all the good things about King Creosote with the  lyrical insight of somebody such as Aiden Moffat thrown into the mix.  His set on Saturday, was as ever, laiden with lovely folk songs about loves lost and found and his unique and fascinating take on the places in which we live and the people we encounter along the way.  I never tire of his shows and his set was the perfect start to the evening.

What happened next was a bit of a surprise.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Woodenbox, I have ever since I first heard Ali’s solo tunes on myspace.  But I have never heard or seen them on such fine form as they were on Saturday night.  What a racket they made!!  And again, that’s not a criticism.  The best part of their set was filled with foot stomping, hand clapping numbers with the brilliant musician ship and gorgeous harmonies not being lost amongst the clatter of the drums and thunderous noise being created.  I loved it.  Every second of it.  They are a brilliant live band and I cannot wait to see them again soon or to get hold of their new recordings once they are available.

And so to our headliners for the evening, Sparrow and the Workshop.  Headline act was difficult to decide at this show as if I’m honest, each of the artists playing could hold their own as a headline act.  However,  these guys have been slowly building up a reputation as one of Scotland’s most exciting new bands and justifiably so.  In front woman Jill O’Sullivan they have one of the best female voices I have heard in a long, long time.  But it’s the songs and the dynamic that these guys have on stage that set them apart from the rest.  The music is by no means Scottish in flavour but everyone should be proud to call them Scottish and everyone should keep an eye on them in the future because they are going to go places.  Their set on Saturday night was as excellent as ever though, for me, the electric guitar playing stood out more than usual, which was a really good thing.  I really am looking forward to their recordings,  pencilled in for release this year, and I can’t wait to have them back at Trampoline in the future.  That said, like Broken Records, if I don’t get them back at Trampoline because I can no longer afford them then I’ll be more than happy with that as it means they’ve moved on to the bigger things that they truly deserve.