Fence Gig at Old St Pauls, 7th March 2009

So this was a great day for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it’s the first gig I’ve been to other than a trampoline show in 2009.  It was such a nice feeling to get out and see some live music for the first time in ages.  And it was nice to see friends who I’ve not seen for a while cause of a little fella called Roddy.  That said, I never managed to stay to the end as I wanted to get back to see the wee man, I also didn’t want to get drunk and after a few beers and a glass of very nasty red wine I was starting to feel a little tipsy.  So I think I missed a few bands, but I managed to stick around long enough to see Meursault, or Neil perform which was a great way to end the day.  Finishing his set with Small Strecth of Land, to be honest, though I was keen to see FOUND, that was almost a perfect time to end the day.  And what a great day of music it was.  Highlights of the day were undoubtedly the sets by Ziggy Campbell, Pictish Trail, Animal Magic Tricks and Meursault.  Probably my favourite being Animal Magic Tricks.  This was my first experience of the band and I was blown away by the stunning simplicity of the songs.  Beautiful stuff, complimented brilliantly by the gorgeous cello playing.  I will be checking them out properly today as I was absolutely loving what I heard yesterday.  Now I’ve never been to Homegame before, I always feel like I want to but never get around to getting tickets, but if its anything like the atmosphere of yesterday’s gig then it must be a fucking wonderful experience.  It was so nice to just relax and listen to great music.  I must admit, I drifted off wishing that the architectural detail within the space was slightly better – lowered ceilings are never a good thing! – but apart from that I had a great day catching up with old friends and enjoying the brilliant tunesmiths on offer.

Today I spent the past 3 hours in a studio somewhere near Dalkeith recording some piano parts for my friend Andy Tucker – formerly of the Dead Beat Club.  I love that about the musicians in this city, they are all so willing to offer a friend a hand whenever its needed.  The line up of musicians who have helped Andy make his record a reality is fantastic and I have no doubt that it’s going to be a lovely piece of music when it’s done.  And it better be because though I had the pleasure of playing a grand piano for 3 hours I was located in a room with no heating and I’m still trying to warm up!  By the last takes I could barely feel my fingers!  But it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear the finished product.


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