Broken Records album release

So, on 1st June of this year, Broken Records will release their debut album on 4AD.  Titled ‘ Until The Earth Begins To Part it will be preceeded by a single of the same title on 11th May and I must admit that I am really looking forward to the album being released.  I was introduced to this band by Bart when he put them on at one of his Gentle Invasion nights  – I think it was one of their first gigs and Graeme and I immediately asked them to do a Trampoline show at Capitol in Glasgowa month or so later.  I remember the night well and still have the CDr of early songs that they gave me that night. 

If I’m perfectly honest, I’ve taken a massive step back from the band and what they’ve been doing since the giant wave of Broken Records mania has taken over our city and Scotland.  I’m quite prone to falling out of love with a band when they become over popular.  It’s one of my failings in life I guess and it’s silly, but having been there at the start and supported these guys with gigs, whilst I was so delighted to see them go from strength to strength, I always find it odd how quickly things change and how I hate the whole hype machine.  People shouting – this band are fucking amazing.  Well, I think they’re great but I’m not going to get carried away on the wave of euphoria that seems to have followed them around for over a year now.  Like I say, that has nothing to do with how I feel about the band, perhaps more to do with how I feel about how others feel about the band.  And like I say, it’s silly, but it’s just how I am.

I feel pretty lucky to have done 3 shows with them and Shady Bard back in 2007 when they were but a twinkling in the eyes of the music press.  I will never forget the gig in Dundee at the West Port Bar where we all played to a handful of people.  Broken Records, Shady Bard and Graeme from the Kays all on stage at one time playing a Broken Records tune has got to go down as one of the best moments at Trampoline.  It’s a shame only 1 or 2 people witnessed it!

Anyways, back to their album.  I cannot wait.  I think it will be a cracker and am delighted to see ‘Wolves’ on the tracklisting as it has been a favourite of mine since the first time I heard them play it live.  As always, as the band gets bigger and bigger it is more and more unlikely that we’ll see them back at Trampoline any time soon.  But if I’m honest, that can only be a good thing as it shows how well they are doing.  I hope that this album does wonderful things for them and takes them to the next level.  They are lovely guys and deserve all the success that they get.  And I may be an admirer of their music from afar and not shout about them from the roof tops of Edinburgh at every opportunity, but I believe in what they do as much, if not more, than most people.  June 1st is firmly pencilled in my diary.


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