Sleepingdog@ Trampoline, Friday 20th March 2009

There are some shows I love and other shows I really love and then there was this show, which has to be one of the nicest shows I’ve had the pleasure of attending, being involved in.  This was a lovely night of collaboration, and beautiful tunes and a fully attentive and appreciative audience.  If only all shows were like this.  It would be a joy to play always.  However, despite the lovely people that did turn up, the turn out for this show was disappointing given how well the Trampoline shows have been attended this year.  It was also disappointing because it was a touring artist from Belgium who was headlining, and a fucking brilliant one at that.  Somebody who has supported Lambchop on tour and who has a brilliant new album out on Gizeh Records in the form of Polar Life.  What really disappoints me I think is that we (as a city of music fans) moan about acts like this not coming to our city, choosing Glasgow instead, and yet when one does come along, we’re all too busy going and watching local bands who we can see anytime, out getting pissed or just can’t be arsed coming out.  So yes, it disappoints me that this show was so poorly attended because I doubt we’ll see as good a performance at Trampoline for a while. 

Chantal Acda, or Sleepingdog as she is known, plays the most stunningly beauitful, minimalistic tunes.  Her voice is something special adding to the chilling beauty of the music it is set to.  Last night, songs like ‘The Sun Sinks In To The Sea’ and set closer ‘Your Eyes’ are as breathtaking as anything I’ve heard live before (I love Your Eyes, one of my favourite songs ever!).  Her cover of dEUS ‘Hotel Lounge’ is also a higlight for me.  Probably, bar Instant Street, my favourite dEUS song and such a lovely version of it.  Chris doing improv drumming on it added something special and you could tell that Chantal and the guys loved what he created.  With the backing of a couple of musicians (Rich from Glissando being one, legend that he is) she creates a perfect Friday night atmosphere and performs a set of stunning beauty, which makes me hope that she doesn’t spend too long before coming back to our shores to showcase her talents.  I just hope that next time out more people come along and don’t miss out on seeing a truly wonderful artist.   As usual, the Wee Red forms the perfect backdrop for the music and the sound is perfect (thanks Alex) – deliberately minimal and intimate to compliment the music.  I don’t think one person who was willing to turn up and pay the money left disappointed last night and Chantal seemed to sell a fair few cds, despite the poor attendance.  As ever,  Rich is so lovely about the turn out stating that it was the best show of the tour and making me feel a lot better about things.  However, the night just makes me want to up my promoting and make sure that artists like Sleepingdog do not get missed when they come to our city.  A wonderful performance from a wonderful artist.

In terms of the Kays.  Well it was fun.  First time we’ve played with Chris on drums and it was great.  He was great.  Obviously we were a little rusty, but it was as good as we’ve played for a while and was a really enjoyable set.  Rich joining us for set closer ‘December’ made my night.  Lovely guy, great musician and added a whole new depth to the song.  I hope to record it and maybe sneak it on the album if I can.  We’ll see!

And Esperi.  Well I love sitting and listening to Chris play guitar.  He’s a stunningly talented musician.  Drums, guitar, playing bells with his feet.  You name it, he can do it!  And he sings about his dogs.  Which makes me jealous, as I really want a dog badly.  Sitting in Dundee at my parents house as I write this.  Been playing with their dog most of the day.  I love dogs.  I can’t wait to own one again.  So yeah, lovely songs, made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy.  Or maybe that was the can of Red Stripe.  Who knows.


One thought on “Sleepingdog@ Trampoline, Friday 20th March 2009

  1. I’m really sorry I missed this one now. It was in my diary but I couldn’t get a babysitter.

    Hope you’re well!


    Ps. Cat’s are way cooler….

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