The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha

It’s been a really fucking weird weekend.  I had a lovely day back in Dundee on Saturday with my parents.  My dad doesn’t travel well so this was the first time he’d had a proper chance to spend time with Roddy.  So we have a lovely, if exhausting day in Dundee.  On Sunday, we did very little, there was nothing out of the ordinary to speak of, just a normal Sunday chilling with some great tunes and good chat.  Then I woke in the middle of the night feeling sick, badly sick.  1 hour later and Pamela was the same.  So we spent all of Sunday night and the whole of Monday tagging in and out of the bathroom and en-suite and having a not very pleasant day of it.  My whole body was drained and weak, I couldn’t walk properly and I just felt exhausted and shocking.  Food poisoning!!!!  I’ve never felt so bad in all my life. So poor Roddy didn’t get his normal attention.  Then all of a sudden, as we started to feel a tiny little more human and were looking forward to a good sleep, Roddy decided it was his turn to be unwell!  He had his 6 week check up this morning and since then we’ve been at the Sick Kids hospital where he is now booked in to have a hernia operation.  He’s a lot better than he was last night, but his crying every single hour has left us completely wrecked.  And to top it all off, my employers seem to think it’s a good idea to paint single yellow lines across the road from an A & E for sick children which has car park for about 25 cars.  What a bunch of ignorant fuck wits.  Though, I am sure they are well aware that that is where everyone will park and that is where they can make their money!  I am more than a little disgusted by the parking ticket I received on my return from a long afternoon in A & E.  So I was tired, worried and angry as I got in the car to come home tonight.  Then I started listening to the Appleseed Cast’s new album ‘Sagarmatha’ and all the tension just drained from me.  This is brilliant stuff.  At first I thought it was going to be fully instrumental as the first tune ‘As the little things go’ kicked on.  But just as I thought the song was approaching a climax, the overdrive pedals kicked in as did the vocals.  What a great surprise!  I love moments like that on albums.  The thing you least expect, just when you least expect it.  I can’t put my finger on who they sound like.  Nobody I know would be my first answer I guess.  But I have to say, weirdly, that I hear a lot of Doves in the melody and the vocals.  Absolutely gorgeous stuff.  It will be on repeat for sometime I think.

I’ve also had the pleasure today of having a sneak listen to the new EP by Trespassers William.  I obviously can’t say much about it other than it’s fucking brilliant and is making me smile a great deal right now.  Or as much as I can after the past few days I’ve had.  Off to bed to recharge some batteries!