Trespassers William to play Trampoline

This is very exciting. It’s about as exciting as it gets for a d.i.y promoter!  This band are amazing and have been on my stereo constantly since I bought their album ‘Having’.  So it is with great delight I am able to confirm that Trespassers William will be crossing the Atlantic in Octber for a UK/European tour and as part of that tour will come to the Edinburgh College of Art to play Trampoline.  I am buzzing about this.  I have been for weeks since I knew it was a possibility. Never in a million years did I expect to be able to draw a band of this stature to the Wee Red but I’ve done it and I feel very grateful and very excited. It’s going to be a great, great night.  The date for the show is October 2nd and to top things off the other act on part of this joint tour will be Trampoline favourites Glissando.  This is going to be a totally special show and I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that the show is a sell out.  Tickets will be pre-order and once the info on where to get them is available I will let everyone know.  In the meantime please check the band out at:

And pre-order their forthcoming EP ‘The Natural Order Of Things’ to be released on the wonderful Gizeh Records in June.  This can be pre-ordered at


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