Why Do My Stats Fluctuate So Strangely??

Here’s what I don’t understand.  I’ve been writing this blog since about September/Ocotber last year….I think.  And in that time I have kept an eye on how many people visit my site each day and what they read.  But what I don’t understand is why at certain times I have lots of people on the site and at other times I have absolutely none!  I am knew to this whole writing about stuff you like thing, so if you do read my blog please say hello and maybe let me know if it’s actually interesting or if you’ve got anything out of it.  I don’t write because I want people to talk to per se, I write because I love writing and love writing about music, books, films, art that I love.  But in the past few months I’ve just become curious about who reads the page and if it’s actually worth reading! 

Today I’m back in at work after my extremely weird week.  Spent a lovely night last night doing the door at The Leith Tape Club, which I will review shortly.  Totally helped me relax and am now looking forward to a stress free *crosses fingers* weekend.    I don’t think I have any more new music to listen to this weekend so if any record labels, managers, promoters want to send me anything please feel free to do so @ trampolinemusic@gmail.com   Always receptive to new tunes to fuel a chilled out weekend.


7 thoughts on “Why Do My Stats Fluctuate So Strangely??

  1. Well I’ve “subscribed” to TSP (is that an officially sanctioned initialism?) via iGoogle, so I only actually visit the site when there’s a new post… Stats are a cruel mistress; my blog’s about a month younger than yours and up until recently I lived or died by them – every drop in numbers was a kick in the teeth. Thankfully I’ve been too busy to notice lately, but I’m sure I’ll get hooked in again soon.
    Anyway, given that you don’t give out free mp3s or anything to lure people in with, I’d guess that most people (such as myself) are visiting because their genuinely interested in the stuff you say.

  2. Yeah, not really figured out the whole mp3 thing yet. Have tried but it has crashed my computer a few times so just gave up! Might try again though as I do want people to hear the music I talk about – hence why I try to post links.

  3. I also only visit when there is a new post. It is quite interesting to have a look at the stats but there is little point judging anything by them. I haven’t decided yet if it is good or bad to post mp3s in blogs. If someone is genuinely interested in the music you or anyone else with a blog writes about then shouldn’t a link to myspace be enough? I do download songs from blogs but am also happy enough to just follow myspace links to find out what the music sounds like. By posting mp3s you might also get posts deleted etc.

  4. Yeah, I kind of think links are just as good. I do like listening to music on blogs but am just as happy to visit myspace or a website. Not really bothered about how many people read my blog, just more interested in what posts are more interesting to people. It’s hard to guage things when people don’t leave messages. But ultimately I just enjoy writing.

  5. I pop over about once a week or so… I find myself swamped lately with submissions to my own blog (not bragging, really moaning a bit!) and not making enough time to read everyone else’s, eeek! So I go down my blogroll a couple of times a week, getting through part of it each time. I made it down to “T” today, wheee!!! And each time I get here I kick myself for not stopping in more often, xx

  6. oh, and on the topic of mp3s… if you wish for a wider audience of NEW readers, not just friends then post mp3s and get on an aggregator like elbo.ws or the hype machine (eventually). that is the way to get those random people on who come just for the song and end up staying for “you” sometimes. It’s how I found Matthew and eventually you and the rest of you all ❤

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