Team Turnip @ Limbo This Evening

So tonight I am playing piano and a little korg for my friend Russell Kostulin, aka Team Turnip, at Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.  Think we’re on stage about 8.30pm if anyone is about and fancies some sunshine pop.  Well I say sunshine pop but Russell’s songs may sound bright and summery but there are seriously dark undertones to his lyrics.  I mean, the boy sings about self harm among other things.  I have to admit, I never thought I’d enjoy playing such jup beat music but I absolutely love his tunes.  He’s going back in the studio to record some more tracks this month and I believe his plans are to either release 2 EPs or 1 album later this year.  And he won’t disappoint, trust me.  The man is an instrumental genius and his songs are just lovely slices of perfect pop.  His influences range from Belle and Sebastain (yuck) through Sufjan Stevens (yay) and I can guarantee his EP/album will be something special when it’s released later this year.  Anyways, I am really looking forward to this evening.  It’s always nice to play music for other people.  I get to play piano and just enjoy myself without the stress and hassle of organising everything and having to talk on stage.  Life is much easier when I don’t have to open my mouth.

On Sunday the Kays are back on the live scene as well.  We’re playing Sneaky Pete’s at a night organised by Glasgow based promoters Blue Panda.  We are on the same bill as Come On Gang! and Vendor Defendor.  Not entirely sure how we will work on that bill, but we have the Tuts gig next Saturday and very much using this show to warm up for that.  It will be a sad occasion though as it will be our last Edinburgh show with the current line up.  After Tuts bot Jake and Grant will be leaving the band and we will be moving on to pastures new.  Also after Tuts, we will be taking a break to get the album finished and ready to go and will not be back until August I think when we play the Leith Tape Club.  Anyways, looking forward to the shows in the next couple of weeks.  So if you’re free tonight or Sunday please come along and support Team Turnip and The Kays.  If you are really adventurous, give me a shout and I can sort you out with a ticket for King Tuts next Saturday.  Should be a good one.


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