What On Earth Is Gary Teale Doing Getting A Game For Scotland

Ok.  So Scotland had a lot of injury problems for the last 2 World Cup qualifiers.  Add to this the 2 numptys who decided to get wasted at the weekend between matches….. I mean come on.  How stupid do you have to be???  One gets his first full start against the Netherlands and the other is the captain of his Country who is not playing particularly well for club or country.  If there were ever 2 players who shouldn’t be getting smashed between crucial matches, it was these 2.  I am no Rangers fan, but I do know many a Rangers fan who would like to see the back of the Scottish drinkers at the club.  Lets face it Kris Boyd always looks like he’s had 3 or 4 pints the night before, when he plays.  I guess whats so frustrating for all involved is that McGregor, Ferguson and Boyd all have bags and bags of potential.  Why can’t they just stay off the drink until they retire or at least stay off it during the season?  It’s not a huge sacrifice and they’d be better players for it.  Too many players have fallen foul of this cycle.  Charlie Miller is the perfect example.  Bags of talent, but we used to see him in our local pub downing pints and smoking fags all the time!  So whilst it came as no surprise – especially that McGregor was involved! – it is really still disappointing.   However, even with these 2 players missing and all the injury worries we had, I still cannot get over the fact that Gary Teale still gets a game for Scotland.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s not an awful player, but he is certainly not international class.  My friend summed it up when he said he hoped he continued to be picked because if Gary Teale is in the squad he himself feels he still has a chance to play football for Scotland!  Poor Gary.  I shouldn’t single him out for criticism.  No, I should save that for the woeful Gary Caldwell.  The over the hill Gary Naismith and the man with the worst first touch in world football Kenny Miller.  The latter of course is passionate, he works his little socks off and has to be admired for his commitment and passion……..oh dear.  That’s all I’ve got for him.  Come on, he blamed the sticky pitch for wasting his chance against the Dutch – didn’t see the pitch bothering Arjen Robben as he ripped our defence to shreds!  It’s not all doom and gloom.  We do have class players in Craig Gordon, Alan Hutton, Darren Fletcher, Scott Brown and the exceptional prospect Ross McCormack.  I also like the look of James Morrison (though I’m sure he’s actually a singer-songwriter) and with James McFadden to come back and a host of good young players coming through we should be ok in the future.  I do really think that Walter Smith needs to get a hold of John Fleck now though and tell him not to hang about with Ferguson, McCulloch, McGregor, Boyd  etc.  If he’s as good as they say he is then lets hope he can stay away from the booze and the nightclubs.  I actually read Barry Ferguson say the other week that Fleck is a young lad who is bound to get caught coming out of a nightclub and get himself into trouble??  Why??  Cause he’s Scottish???

Anyways, at least we’re back in the chase for 2nd spot.  I think the Dutch are home and dry in terms of qualification – unless they come across some sticky pitches in their next few matches.


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