Woodpigeon – Treasury Library Canada

So I am a little surprised I haven’t read more about these guys on other blog spots. I don’t know Mark personally, but both Bart from eagleowl and Jake our bass player are good friends of his and through them I have been fortunate to know about Woodpigeon for some time.  I have also had the pleasure of seeing them live in the past when they have visited Edinburgh.   I have however, not bought any of their music until now.  I have heard bits and pieces in the past but have never really sat down and properly listened to Mark’s stuff despite having really enjoyed everything I’d heard previously  And I am glad I bought this.

Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith fans, get your credit card/cash out and go and buy this lovely album.  Whilst I am not saying that Woodpigeon sound like either of these artists, I do hear the influences in the music from the lovely moments of strings to the way that the vocals are recorded and the actual vocal itself.  This is album doesn’t quite sparkle in pop terms but it does shimmer and it dips and swerves and leaves a thoroughly pleasant after taste.  I always know I like an album when it goes on repeat and this has indeed been on repeat today.  Track 3 on the album ‘In the Battle of Sun vs Curtains, Sun Loses and We Sleep Until Noon’ is quite magnificent.  Probably the stand out on the album for me.  But the album is filled with little gems and once again a fascinating and talented act emerge from Canada.  I hope that these guys can spread their wings and grab the attention of more than just the Edinburgh music scene across here.  A fantastic album by a band I really should have checked out properly before now and you should too.  Do it now.


TSP Grade = B