We Sink Ships

I love photography. I’ve always loved photos. I love the idea of documenting a moment in time. I love freezing the moment and having that moment forever in grained in my life. Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who has no idea what I am doing with a camera other than saying “cheese” or pressing the button and taking a quick snap. Sometimes I get lucky and the photos are great, other times they are not, either way I have no idea why! I’ve never studied photography, I wish I had, but I love to look at photos by others. I find looking at photos probably more enjoyable than any other visual art and more than anything I love black and white photography. My mum has studied this for about 3 years now and I just love to flick through her folio when I am home and give her my opinions on what she’s been doing. Technically I am of no use to her, but I think she appreciates my comments. More often than not she’ll show me 3 pictures of the same thing, all slightly different in colour, and I’ll choose the one I like best. More often than not it will be the poorest technically! But I like odd things, I always have. I like things being out of focus or blurred or slighty weird. I can’t explain why, similar to not being able to explain why these things happen!

Anyways, through the Kays I have had the pleasure to meet a number of different photographers. We Sink Ships is an artistic collaboration between Scottish photographer and musician Neil Milton and my friend Heidi Kuisma. According to their website (www.wesinkships.co.uk) ‘they use pinhole and selective focus photography techniques alongside evocative soundscapes and ambient experimental music to create sound and vision designed to tug on the viewer and listener’s heart strings’

At this moment they have 2 excellent exhibitions online. One entitled Talvi/Winter which showcases photos by Neil and Heidi – I think you can guess the theme! The photos are a stunning mix of techniques. What I found most interesting was how I became able quickly to identify Neil’s work from Heidi’s. Like I said, I’m no expert in photography so I cannot comment much on how these photos were captured but I can say that I love this exhibition. The pictures are stunning, sparse and beautiful, like the music I love most in life.

The second exhibition is entitled ‘Two Times Intro’ and is basically a run through of photos from gigs. Whilst featuring work by Heidi and Neil, this exhibition also showcases the work of lots of their friends. I do love gig photography too. These are a great set of pictures, though I do prefer the Talvi/Winter exhibition if I’m honest. I never tire of landscpae shots!

Anyways, I’ll stop prattling on, but if you like photography and you are interested I would highly recommend stopping by their site. Also, you should check out Heidi’s on folio of pics at www.flickr.com/photos/mybitofsky

and you can check neil’s work (sorry for not putting this link, didn’t know about it at the time) at: