Frightened Rabbit – Liver!Lung!FR!

Ok, so I’ve read some really positive reviews about this album and some really negative ones – one inparticular destroyed Frightened Rabbit calling them mediocre. This review is going to be indifferent. Before I get criticised for this, everybody knows how much I love Frightened Rabbit. Ever since I saw them at Cab Vol at the time of their first album I have loved the band. And another thing, I love hearing songs in their rawest form, to hear where their origins are, where they began life, stripped back to the bare bones before all the flesh was added. Seeing Jeff Tweedy play Wilco songs on only an acoustic guitar is still one of my favourite gigs of all time and indeed having caught Scott from Frightened Rabbit’s solo set at Gimme Shelter I was really looking forward to this album. But I don’t get it. The songs are still great, but there is no point to this album in my opinion. The arrangements are pretty much identical to those on ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ but with no punch at all. I was disappointed that the songs weren’t rearranged, played about with a little but more disappointed that extra musicians were added without really adding anything to the songs – I didn’t even notice James from the Twilight Sad on ‘Keep Yourself Warm’ at first. This album just doesn’t compare with the brilliant solo set Scott did at Gimme Shelter – they should have recorded and released that! Sure, it’s a pleasant listen and it’s certainly not a bad album because the songs are still great songs regardless. I just wanted more, or perhaps less from the arrangements. Thats all.

TSP Grade = C