Ashes Of American Flags – Wilco

No, its not a new Wilco album, though that is apparently due towards the end of June and that thought has left me bahving like a small child. Well actually, its probably Roddy who’s making me behave like a small child but I don’t ever get as excited about music as when I know there is a Wilco album due. Disappointed of course that they have not announced a Scottish date, just London and Dublin, but excited as always about their music. And the album now has a tracklist, it’s just not got a title. I also believe that there are backing vocals on one of the tracks by Feist. I can’t imagine a female vocalist on a Wilco tune, but I am looking forward to hearing it. As always with Wilco, you’re never sure what to expect. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born though sonically different, were proper experiments in making music. Noise music incorporated with proper great tunes. Then Sky Blue Sky dropped and it was something totally different but still brilliant. So this dvd come along at just the right time for me. 2 years since I saw them in London – 2 nights in a row! – and right about the time when I need my Wilco levels significantly raised. And it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t like live shows on dvd in full so brilliantly, in a similar fashion to Sunken Treasure, the format of this dvd is captured over a series of live shows with songs taken from the shows, soundchecks etc and a whole lot of interesting chat from the various members of the band in between. It’s a really enjoyable insight into this wonderful band, how touring takes its toll on them and how important each member is to the overall sound. There’s about 13 live tracks on the dvd with another 7 on the extras. It really is value for money but then everything always is with this band. It’s made me itchy to see them again, but knowing that this might not be possible this year I’m just buzzing now for the new album. And the one thing I love about Wilco more than anything is how much they inspire me as an artist and person. Listening to them talk passionately about what they do, how things have changed within the band etc, it just makes me more positive about the things we do and who we are. And they always make me want to sit down at my piano and write. Which I did last night. And it was good. So today I am happy.