Vetiver – Tight Knit


I love Vetiver. I first ran into them when I saw them support Adem at the ABC a few years ago. It was a weird show, had Adem, Vetiver, Juana Molina and Vashti Bunyin (boak), and each band sort of played with the other bands. Well, everyone seemed to play for Adem as it was his show. But I was left with a real sense of elation from that show simply because of Vetiver. Whilst on honeymoon in San Francsico I picked up a couple of their albums – ‘Vetiver’ and ‘To Find Me Gone’ and simply fell in love with their laid back vibe. They couldn’t be from anywhere but San Francsico if you ask me. Having fallen in love with that city and it’s wonderful relaxed Haight district – which by the way has the best music shop in the world – Ameoba Music – it’s hard not to love Vetiver and they always remind me of those brilliant 10 days we spent in San Francisco. Anyways, I was reading Roddy Woomble’s diary earlier today and he was talking about the new Vetiver album ‘Tight Knit’ and about how good it was and I forgot that I hadn’t written about it as yet. So do I agree with Roddy Woomble. Simply, yes I do. I just read a review on songbytoad about Jeffrey Lewis’ new album and how though it does very little new or surprising it is still a really great piece of music. Well the same applies to this album. File this under lazy days spent in coffee shops reading a good book and chilling to the great tunes on the stereo. This is the perfect soundtrack to a summer in the sunshine. The songs feel old. Feel like they have their roots firmly bedded in the past – given Vetiver’s last album was a covers album of some of Andy Cabic’s favourite old songs this is hardly a surprise. But there’s something so peaceful and relaxing about the sound Vetiver achieve on record. Cabic’s vocal definitely helps. Soft and soothing, but the lovely guitar hooks and piano melodies float in and out effortlessly throughout this album creating for me what is just about their best work to date. And that is saying something because To Find Me Gone has a special place in my heart. I saw they have just played with Fleet Foxes at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre in San Francisco and my heart skipped a beat. That is one of the most beautiful places to visit and to see those 2 bands there must have been so so special. I am jealous of anyone who attended that show and would be intrigued to hear from them as to just how good a show it was! Anyways, I am feeling very nostalgic now and need to go home and look at photos and listen to more Vetiver. Simply put, I think there should be a place for Vetiver in everyone’s music collection and this album is as good a place to start as any. Enjoy.

TSP Grade = B


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