One To Watch – Debutant


Debutant is a one man show. Phillip Quirie is better known by many for being the lead guitarist in Aberdeen band Kartta. However, over the past few years he has been carving out a reputation with his solo side project – namely Debutant. Last night at the Leith Tape Club was probably the 3rd time I have had the pleasure of catching Phil solo and it is always a great experience. This is textured, atmospheric music at its very best. I had the pleasure of catching Eluvium at the Barrowlands supporting Explosions In The Sky, and if you can imagine Eluvium with dreamy vocals thrown into the mix then you’re just about there with Debutant. Layers of guitar bring songs that start so quietly and delicately to a creschendo. This is intelligent music though. When you break it down, each individual riff is not that complicated in itself, but the beauty of Phil’s music is the way he cleverly layers the melodies and different pieces to creat something that is more than just noise. It’s not just about creating a racket. These songs are a lovely mix of instrumental beauty and real little pop gems. I think I said before when I reviewed his Trampoline performace that he was something special, but he is simply getting better each time I see him and therefore he is my artist of the week. I didn’t know I was going to have an artist of the week until I typed that last sentence, but yes, I shall and therefore, this week’s artist is the one and only Debutant. Please check his music out at:


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