Breaking Kays News

So it’s official, The Kays Lavelle’s debut album will be going out on fabulous Glasgow indie label Wiseblood Industries, home to such bands as Y’all Is Fantasy Island, The Radiation Line, Jocky Venkataraman and Size of Kansas. This is extremely exciting news for us and we are chuffed to bits to be working with such a cool label and to have found a home where we can release our music from. The album recording sessions are going well and the songs are starting to take real shape. It’s beginning to get exciting. There will be more information coming shortly but at the moment I’d encourage you to pop along to the new home of The Kays Lavelle and check out the other excellent artists that are on the label.


Meursault, Inspector Tapehead and The Japanese War Effort, The Bowery, May 7th 2009.

I got out to play last night.  The arrival of Roddy has kept me pretty busy and meant that I have been to maybe 4 or 5 shows this year.  I used to go to about 2 a week!  Whilst I wouldn’t change my new circumstances for the world and I’m happier (yes Matthew, happy!) than I’ve ever been, it was extremely nice to get out and just enjoy some good music.  And lasts night show was indeed excellent.  It’s great when a line up is quality from start to finish and last nights show certainly was jam packed with enjoyable moments.  The Japanese War Effort were up first.  I was late.  I will one day catch a full set of Jamie’s.  I missed him whenhe supported Glissando at Trampoline which sucked and I feared I’d missed his set again last night.  However, I caught the last 3 tracks and if the quality of the rest of his set was as good as the last 3 tunes then it must have been a pretty awesome opening to the night.  He builds his songs slowly using lovely instrumentation,  distorted vocal loops and then unleashes the bleeps and clicks and basically just creates a wonderful noise. 

Inspector Tapehead are a band I have a lot of time for.  Jonnie Common told me to check them out ages and ages ago after Down the Tiny Steps played Trampoline.  I knew of Chris from Adam Beattie’s band.  Saw them play a couple of times at Acoustic Edinburgh and was mightily impressed by his guitar playing.  So I was delighted the first time I heard Inspector Tapehead to find that not only was he a talented guitar player but he’s also a great songwriter too.   And I am chuffed to bits that through Trampoline people like Mr Toad, ( who put last nights show on, discovered this band and is now somewhat championing them. They are a terrific band and even more enjoyable live than on record, though I look forward immensely to their album, which I believe is due out later this year, so I couldn’t be sure of that.

So to Meursault, I am going to keep this short and sweet. There is not a better Scottish band out there at the moment either on record or live. Last nights show just confirmed the brilliance of that band. They flow from songs like Nothing Broke into electronic madness and back again so seemlessly and effortlessly. The sound in the Bowery was fantastic and Neil’s vocal as good as I’ve heard it. I don’t know the name of the first new song they played but it was a piece of bleak brilliance. I loved it. And I loved their set.

A quality night of music then. Feeling a little rough today though. I cannot handle beer anymore. Still a big thumbs up to Matthew for the night, for Tigerfest as ever and for the bands who played. An even bigger thumbs up to Mrs Toad for managing to walk in those heels!