The Birth of mini50

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about this. Setting up my own record label. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for so long that I’m surprised my head has not exploded thinking about it! I never really had the balls to do it. That’s all. I guess I always thought it was a big step and would take up a lot of time, but as the release of the Kays album drew ever nearer and I had nobody else interested in helping us release our music, myself and our viola player Russell better known as Team Turnip, decided to take the step together and provide The Kays and Team Turnip with a home. Then of course, along came Wiseblood Industries, and now the Kays will be working with them instead. It makes sense for the Kays because it’s such a diverse indie label and it just feels right. Feels like we fit in with their ethos. Which is nice. Still, I want to move forward with the label idea anyways so mini50 has been born. I think it’s first release will be a full length record by Team Turnip later this year – though I cannot be sure of the format yet. And then we’ll hopefully have records going out by some other excellent artists after that. One step at a time though. This is a label to provide those musicians I love with a home. That’s all.


6 thoughts on “The Birth of mini50

  1. thanks mate. i know others are doing it too but it’s something i’ve always wanted to do. i may take on too much with the kays, team turnip, woodenbox, trampoline, this blog and now the label. but i like to keep busy. :o)

  2. This all sounds very exciting. Good work!

    I’d be very pleased to hear a full length release from Team Turnip in the near future.

  3. yeah, i’m pretty excited about the new team turnip recordings. probably be in the form of 2 eps or 1 long player. not sure yet. up to russkles. but either way it will be an exciting start to mini50. 🙂

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