The Dead Weather


I’ve just stumbled across this lot in the past few days but now I am fascinated. Basically, it’s another of Jack White’s side projects though it does seem that nothing he does is considered a side project. The Raconteurs certainly couldn’t be considered a side project for either himself or Brendan Benson with the band producing 2 albums within the past 3 years and touring extensively to the detriment of the output of both Benson and The White Stripes. I’m a fan of Benson, the White Stripes and the Raconteurs and also the Kills, so I am intrigued by this new band which is basically made up of Alison Mosshart of the Kills, Jack White, Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs and Greenhornes and Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stoneage. Their debut album ‘Horehound’ will be releaed in Europe on the 13th July and I look forward to this with some enthusiasm and intrigue. Check them out here


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