Andrew Bird @ Oran Mor, Glasgow, 14th May 2009


Ok, so I’ve seen some pretty amazing artists live in my life, Wilco, Radiohead, Tom Waits and Neil Young being the pick of the gigs for me. But quite simply, this was up there as one of the best, if not the best show I’ve been to. By no means am I the biggest Andrew Bird fan in the world. I only own his last 2 albums, which I love. However, many people tell me his earlier stuff is even better and it’s something I plan to explore for sure. Anyways, without a real knowledge of the man, other than 2 excellent pieces of music, I was delighted that I was able to attend this show and was simply captivated from start to finish. He basically played most of the night with only a violin and a loop pedal drifting onto his electric guitar from time to time, but not that often. Now, the whole loop pedal approach of building a song from scratch is something I’ve seen done often and done well often, but never with the violin and never so well. Simply put, Andrew Bird is a stunning musician and this was a performance that everyone who missed should be gutted about missing. I left the gig buzzing and I am still buzzing this morning. I can’t really express how good it actually was. It was just one of those perfect musical moments which will remain with me forever. Absolutely brilliant. If you can get along to see his live show then please do. That has taken my breath away and left me dying to see him again soon.


One thought on “Andrew Bird @ Oran Mor, Glasgow, 14th May 2009

  1. Hmmm… Damien Rice (pre-ego taking over) at King Tuts was pretty special too. Wish I had been there last night!

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