My Latest Novel – Deaths and Entrances.


Fuck me this is good! This has been played over and over today on my stereo and is an early contender to make my top 10 albums of the year. I’d be surprised if many or any albums surpass this for me this year. It’s seriously brilliant. I really am a late comer to My Latest Novel having only bought Wolves towards the end of last year. I like it but I have never been blown away by it. I wouldn’t automatically be drawn to it when I deciding what to listen to on the bus in the morning. This album, however, is a different ball game altogether. I’m not sure what exactly has changed about MLN since Wolves but this album just feels more together, more focused, more complete, just more. It’s simply brilliant. The interplay of vocals is something not many bands use. I never understand bands only having 1 vocal – unless of course only one person can actually sing. MLN use their vocals better than most bands I know and do it sublimly. In fact, I’d say the weakest singer in the band is the lead vocalist. However, this works as well. From the word go this album will grab you. It’s a massive step forward from Wolves in my opinion and it must surely propel this band towards, if not beyond, their compatriots Frightened Rabbit and the Twighlight Sad as the frontrunners for Scottish band of the moment. I am finishing this post now to go and listen to the album again, and again, and probably again. Listen to some of the tunes here and buy the album here. You know you should. Do it.

TSP Grade = B+/A-


2 thoughts on “My Latest Novel – Deaths and Entrances.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. This is an immense album.

    I loved Wolves to be fair, but this is even better.

    While their sound isn’t really comparable to Frightened Rabbit or The Twilight Sad, I expect I’ll be listening to them longer. I can’t recall the last time I listened to The Twilight Sad, I find myself returning to Wolves repeatedly.

    Awesome live band too. Maybe that’s just because they were on after Tilly And The Wall though. They were a bit shit live.

  2. I liked Wolves but didn’t keep going back to it like you. However, this will be on repeat without a doubt. There feels like there is a change to the dynamic or something? I do love bands that use more than one vocalist and MLN do it so well, the interplay of the vocals on All In All In All Is All is simply brilliant. And I agree, they are not comparable to TS and FR in terms of sound, but in terms of longevity, as you say, it’s likely I’ll be listening to them longer as well.

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